‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 159


The dolls. They live!


My Kickstarter ends today! If we reach 150 backers before then, there will be another extra update on Thursday. Right now, there's only one for tomorrow (Wednesday). So spread the word and hop on the bandwagon for the wild finish!


And I might be slightly proud of the linework for panel 1 so I'm showing it off for the vote incentive!


Thanks to everyone who has helped me out with the Kickstarter, either by pledging or letting others know about it, and for those that vote and read my comic.  You're all awesome!! Thank you!!

Don't forget there will be an extra update tomorrow (Wednesday)!


Awesomesauce… we finally get to see what those four programs meshed together can do… and since we’re on the last fight, it’ll be EP-IC! =O

Probably =P


Quickly Kat, do what I used to do and flush those dolls down the toilet. It will be worth it, even your mom grounds you, because at least you got to see a little girl cry.


Ohoh, will Nice recognise damage done by the dolls as damage done by Bloody Mar.. eh Jane?


Looks like I was wrong about the special activation. She said that just to attempt to freak out Kleya.


I think you can be justly proud of the whole page. But yeah, panel 1 is quite impressive. 🙂


This doesn’t bode well. It leant matter how hard the dolls hit, with that special they become an effective barrier for Jane against Kleya’s special as I think nice will attack them and not her. If Kleya’s attacks the puppets then she will get niced

that one guy

That’s right, if she does attack the dolls, she’ll be attacking Jane’s HP that was put into the dolls. If she doesn’t then she’ll get beat up by two creepy dolls. But, on the other hand there still is the chance that the dolls are considered a weapon released by Jane and the NICE will recognize it as so and rightfully punish her. Still, Kleya may have to go on the “offensive” like with the Bandit.


Those dolls freak me out because of what they can do against Kleya’s special. The best thing for Kleya to do would probably be to somehow get the dolls to cause damage to Jane. I wonder if she could maybe pick them up and throw them.