‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 152


And so concludes their battle! Now Bandit's off to face the consequences.


Over on Kickstarter, I talk about the original, never-seen-on-the-net, first 47 pages of Not A Villain. Have a look in the update section!


And I haven't forgotten about vote incentives! I re-scripted/re-organized/AND de-colorized the strip to make this vote incentive. Hope you like it!

Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)

Aww man, I was wrong. *sad face*

Not that I wanted him to win but still.. Also, I find it amusing that he’s complaining about Kleya messing things up when he’s the one that is instigating everything. Ever heard of just leaving people alone, Bandit? It must be hard to be around someone that he can’t bully around. Jerk. I’m a little confused by that “I should just let them find her” statement. Is he talking about the twins taking her out while in sleep mode or something?

A Person Am I

*My guess*
The vaguely described organization/group connected to Tenka in a manner as of now unexplained, that are looking for an incredible female programmer(likely a hacker)that is heavily hinted to be the main protagonist, although it has been theorized that there will be a twist revealing it is not so.


Hey, just thought I would drop by in the comments to say

That is all.


At least he finally got figured out how the Special works! 😉

But it seems as if the Bandit knows Kleya is the person they’re looking for and wants to protect her. That’s really interesting.


well you know how close love and hate can be to each other 😀


The Bandit and Kleya? That would be REALLY interesting! 😀


One of Aneeka’s comments when the Bandit first showed was ‘Aw, he’s falling for the main girl already’.


In your face bandit! xD
Too bad it won’t work on him anymore…


Which, of course, means it’s time for Kleya to design another new Special. It clearly doesn’t take her all that much effort to do…


She already had several, but was restricted to using just one, and chose the NICE.


Yeah, but one of those was Hero Smiley, and they all already know how /that/ works, I’m sure…

Plus besides, it’s a Random Special, which means it has to trigger itself. HA!, however, might still be up for unveiling soonish…


Not that she’s going to need that, aren’t they on the same team now?


So, is the Bandit in love with the mystery girl that most of us believe is Kleya? From his latest comments it seems like it, and that he’s about to risk everything for her. He might just be a decent guy after all, which could be more problematic for Kleya even if it is more entertaining for us.

Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
I got 4 problems with the idea that Bandit might be a “decent guy”. 1. He behaves like a jacka**. Plus, he cheats. I’m also of the opinion that Kleya was on to something when she wondered about how he was able to damage her so her hp was too low to activate her special. I haven’t seen any redeeming characteristics on this guy so far. 2. He made the Twins. The Twins are the most irredeemably bad characters in the story thus far. They are pure bullies of the worst sort. They live only to harass and HURT people.… Read more »
1. In the actual fights, yes, but we’ve had several rather massive hints that it’s all an act put on for the purpose of show. 2. We don’t know that. We know that the Twins’ programmer is from TENka and that, for some reason, they like the Bandit and he refers to them as ‘his girls’. While it’s been hinted that he made them, it’s not clear enough to smack him with imo. 3. Kleya has had positive feelings TWICE this entire story, only just recently figured out who the Bandit is (if at all), and hasn’t exactly been in… Read more »

Now that you mention number four… It’s true, all males are either Bandit, enemies, or just plain background characters (this includes family members). Of course, since kleya is who she is, it is understandable she hangs around mostly females, though.


Seconded. So far I haven’t seen him as anything but a smug jerk. Sure, it could be an act, but I haven’t seen anything hinting to that, yet.

Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
Wow. I see we have some pretty big disagreements as to what Bandit’s act is Tagible. 1. Bandit was hyped up to be the biggest new superstar in the game, you really think he can become that by acting like a jerk all the time? No way, he acts like a jerk to Kleya (because of what she did to the Twins) WITHOUT THE AUDIENCE REALIZING IT and also when he’s with his fellow TENka operatives, who seem to know him pretty darn well by this point. His act is his public gaming persona, which we haven’t seen much of.… Read more »

I think he knows.


So I suppose in this meeting, Bandit will, in between getting chewed out for losing, explain how NICE works?

Good luck with the kickstarter project by the way! Hope it all works out.


Everyone knows. Sentence fragments. Mean you’re pissed.


I knew Kleya was going to win and funny as it sounds, she won legitimately. It makes it so much better lol Kleya now its time to wow ppl more with idk Attack Specials lol


Or with a better-drawn character. XD


Anyone else thinks Saisuke might be looking for Kleya?

that one guy

I do! Whether he’s looking for her to do something good or bad to her is another question.


I still don’t think I really understand how the Nice special works. :/


Well, we have a basic idea from what’s happened so far. We just don’t know which emotion stat it hits.


It looks to me as though 1 hit is to HP, the other to some non-combat stat, likely happiness (remember the non-combat stats have an effect on what you can do as combat moves). And if Kleya gets damaged by a person when she’s got her hands spread in the “surrender” gesture, that person then gets hit for the damage. Although she’s the one that upset their balance, it’s Bandit falling on her that adds to the falling damage and likely counts it as an attack done by him.

This is just my speculation, of course.


I’m gonna do a fanfic for this comic 🙂 http://eternaleagle.tumblr.com/


wah? He knows? He’s always known, by the sound of that!!! but then, that would mean… ??? omg can’t wait for the next page to reveal how Bandit knows her and why he’d cover for her!!!


That probably means we’ll get a change of scene and not see Bandit getting chewed out. =P


Quick question – a little off topic.

Am I correct in assuming more information on Reality, the Ending and how it relates to hackers, and other big exposition in this universe will come later?