‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 149


Yes, the extra damage number is missing on purpose again. An important component wasn't present during the attack.


For the vote incentive, I added some dialogue to the last panel 🙂







Yes! Intentionally knocking someone to the floor is NOT nice!


He didn’t do it on purpose, he was just trying to stop her from dodging his kiss. She was backing away, and he stopped her by stepping on her foot.

Intent might be what triggers the double damage.
(That or the damage being deserved. So, if you were provoked, the special only gives you normal damage. My theory.)


Ahh, it played to her favor!


So it repays the damage dealt, AND/OR the damage taken.


Ooooh… Good loophole. 😀


people normally attack others with the intent to hurt them, if that malicious intent is missing, so is the damage? I’m merely speculating


I get it. The second number, whatever damage it measures, is triggered by a special.


No, the first fight we saw had no special and triggered the second number…


The weapon guy we first saw it used on didn’t use a special


Wow! He got Nice’d.
I like the fact that there is more depth to the Special than what everyone expected. It surely must be challenging to read all these predictions in the comments and not be tempted to plan a twist in the plot.

By the way, Bandit! Kleya is obviously trying to hug you. Why are you so surprised? >:D
Sorry , I’m just enjoying this too much!


Personally I’m glad he got Nice’d for making her fall. I hadn’t expected it per say, but at the same time I’m not surprised it happened.


So it reflects damage. And if there was any hostile intent then it goes and does the second form of damage whatever that may be. Tricky design and if it is targeting Emotional Stats ensures there is something to hit.


Maybe she doubles only special attacks?

Or that is the damage to a emotion that lacked in that attack?


So now she has a plan. In battle improvisation can save your life. Being able to adapt to changing conditions is a key skill in any situation.


Surprise hugs!


I’ve setup a forum (using wikia) to discuss this webcomic. I’ve been keeping track of all the proposed ideas on what causes the second number from NICE. It is at http://notavillain.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:How_does_NICE_work%3F. If you want to add other items, you can go to the forum main page at http://notavillain.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Comic_Discussion.


“wait the floor! of course his one weakness is LOVE!!”
“prepare to get hugged”


Presumably she knows who this guy really is…. so it might be 😛

Also, I’m guessing she is about to damage herself in a way that makes bandit trigger the special, such as throwing herself in his arms and letting him drop her.


In her first (I think) fight against that fighter type, he never used a special, so it doesn’t only do the emotion stat damage against specials. It might require that she have her hands in that up position to trigger the emotion damage. It likely doesn’t have to do with intent, because she used a very direct attack against Bandit via a slap. It might also only trigger on damage over a certain amount, as so far the hits have only been for single digits of damage.

That’s it! Hands in the air is the universal sign of defeat/defenselessness. This is why police want your hands in the air. The further they are from your body especially in a vertical position, the less likely you are to be able to hide any kind of weapon or reach for one unnoticed. So Nice says, “You attacked a defenseless person!” and smacks them with the pink damage. If Kleya attempts to move away from the ‘attack’, as she did in the case of the bandit stepping on her toes, she’s not considered defenseless and thus it only does the… Read more »

I think that it counts for damage dealt by anyone, and damage received by Kleya.

Kleya receives damage, Bandit get damaged.
Kleya damages bandit, Kleya gets damaged.
Someone damages Kleya, Kleya gets damaged, double shot!



Squire James

Remember Clumsy Sword Guy got ALL the return damage from the blow AND the fall, so I think hostile intent has something to do with it. Her “hands in the air like she don’t care” might be involved too, but my guess is she’s just doing that to keep herself from reflexively blocking an attack.

Tim C

I think her fight with Danni rules out the hand position being important, though I considered that briefly.

I really doubt its “intent,” because the Game doesn’t have a way of mindreading all its players; not everyone is playing by brainchip.

Tim C


Actually, nope. Just checked that page. Her hands were up when Danni hit her. Hand position’s probably it.


Well, they do have emotion stats, so maybe they could monitor those to determine intent. Her Smiley special showed she’s good at making use of the emotions stats.


good thing i was looking at the connnection of the way he made her step back causing her to take damage now to see if this does what i think will happen.. of not then kleya just screwed up since she launched the attack and he not keeping contact with her


Okay … it took me a while, but I have read through all of “Not a Villain”. Awesome comic! I am thoroughly hooked on the story and your characters. Your drawing style is endearing and has a very fun feeling to it.

Thank you Aneeka for all your hard work on N.A.V. so far. I am looking forward to following Kleya, Danni and Mina and everyone else through their story. Excellent work!


Kleya: CATCH ME!
Bandit: NO!
Special: BE NICE! *hits Bandit*

Tim C

Hey- wait a minute. Bandit just said out loud that he was surprised Nice! only hit his HP.

This could bite him later. Hmhmhm.


only hit his HP- *cut off*

ONCE. Because he did not attack her, it only inflicted the damage she took, instead of also adding the damage he did.


I so want to see a drunken brawler.
“Be nice”
“Alright you fantastic badly drawn lovable thing you hey lassie i’m going to give you a hug” *hugs*
“You are a very very pretty little girl you
*toxic damage*
*more toxic damage*
*Falls on her, thus damaging her with his fat and smelliness*
sorry girl buthefloor keepsh moving on me why won’t it stop i’ll get up now
*both parties get up, drunk stumbles into her, knocking her back down for more damage before vomiting on her again*



also he could dodge attacks by well timed and uber lucky staggers and falls. all his attacks could be stumbling into his enemies and/or vomiting/breathing on/near them. his special is him drinking from a flask, draining all his stats to boost his luck and health, and giving him immunity/resistance to all disables (including emotional ones)


Hmm… Maybe… Knock him down, roll him over, use him as a shield to block the Nice… Since it’s her actions causing him to get hit by it, it trys to hit her again, infinite loop of small damage hits to Bandit…


hahahaha…that’s evil, I like it. Wait isn’t she trying to be a hero though?


Hmmm… I have a theory…
the second number is triggered if she is hit before hitting the floor and cannot be triggered on kleya due to it being a stat drain.
can’t wait until tomorrow! I want to see more of the story.