I think Bandit has found the loophole. If she damages herself, then her special won’t do the double damage thing to him. So all he has to do is grab her arm and make her hit herself a lot. Looks like he’s gonna win this one unless she cheats. You know, I don’t think joining this game is really suited for Kleya anyway. She claims to want to avoid attention yet going into this hero game brings all sorts of unwanted attention. I’m not even sure how this makes her a hero anyway. This hero game just seems to make… Read more »
1) It’s been stated before now by Aneeka(the writer) that the Game is addictive. 2) Kleya is a hacker. We’ve seen just how much hackers are hated, which tells me Kleya wants to reform in some bigger way that others can get behind, if only to improve her own image as an evil monster that deserves to die by any means necessary. 3) Kleya’s run with Mina tells me that she’s already tried that ‘from behind the scenes’ thing, that she found it as boring as can be, and programming only makes you so much. Especially when you want to… Read more »
1. When I said game, I didn’t mean the L.i.F.E channel. I meant the game. She is not suited to playing the game. I didn’t know it was additive though. 2. I don’t think it’s about image, it’s about how she perceives herself. Image is fans and she has shown little interest in gaining fans. However, she wants to do things to help people so she can see herself as a good person, rather then a cheater. So, again, I ask what good things she can possible do if she plays this game? 3. She has attracted more attention to… Read more »
1. A)Neither did I. She wants to avoid attention from TENka at all times, but she knows you need attention to get into/stay in the game and that hasn’t deterred her. That tells me she’s worried about channels in L.i.F.E. as opposed to Game channels. B)Only one of those sentences addressed what was actually under that number =P 2. And she clearly sees herself as an evil monster. Or at least not a good gal =P 3. It’s fairly clear she’s more interested in getting into the game than avoiding attention. 4. It seems to me she’s interested in the… Read more »
Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s participating and making an obvious effort to win that camoflouges her so well. If someone tries to be completely absent from it as a whole, wouldn’t that be just as suspicious? For someone to completely ignore and avoid to participate in something that the whole world would kill for? That sounds more like someone trying to hide than someone who wants to win. Also, we already know she has a complex about losing. Apparently, hacking is also kind of an addiciton, just like cocaine, just because you want to stop doesn’t mean you always… Read more »

i was under the impression that she was doing it for the money.


“I didn’t know it was additive though.”

Assuming you meant “addictive,” um… it is mentioned in the banner at the top of every page… 🙂

The great thing about how the comic was set up is we really don’t know what’s going on in “real life”. It could be a post-apocalypse for all we know. That or it’s a dull monotone world that doesn’t give color, and originality much life or chance to exist. The mood of the comic seems to make this the more realistic backdrop. Also, maybe joining an alternate universe is the only option left in the world for her to keep her sanity (that she knows of). Depression and lack of motivation tend to change a person’s view of what’s around… Read more »

That totally counts. NiceSmiley, do your thing and make the FIRST strike!


I really like the Bandit, his bosses are the bad guys, but the Bandit himself just became my #1 favorite character. Kleya dropped to 2.

Would Nice react to anyone doing damage to anyone? Even if you do damage to yourself? I have the scary feeling it does… how does the game decide when you do damage to yourself? Could the Bandig pick up Kleya and simply throw her away, will that fall count as damage done by him or by herself…?


We’ve seen her get shoved down by her opponent, so I’d say throwing her would count as doing damage.


My reaction is pretty much the dead opposite… this sequence is making me truly hate and loathe Bandit with all my being. I suppose it’s a YMMV… what is ‘doing it with style’ to one person is ‘being a smug git’ to another.


Even landing on the floor is considered an act of violence, no wonder she hacks.


So this is how it works then. It turns into a race of who can damage themselves the most?




It’s not the falling that made it an attack. It’s the fact she feel as a result of him stepping on her foot or tripping her or whatever.


Thus, I think Bandit should get hit by Nice. He fouled up. He wasn’t being ‘NICE’ by tripping her.


Clearly, Kleya doesn’t like to dance.


Ouch, either she’s really fragile or that floor is really dangerous. And the real question here is did the viewers notice he stepped on her foot causing her to fall? Of course who the Be Nice special attacks for that damage will also be interesting.


Grace and Bandit have both pointed out that she’s probably draining her stamina stat for the HP buff. So yeah, she’s fragile =P

At this point, I only feel hatred for the Bandit. He is so unlikable it makes Jack the Ripper look like a nice guy. There is only one reason why he isn’t on the floor like every other opponent of Kleya right now. it’s because he cheated. Yes, getting critical Information about the special of the opponent is cheating. I know Kleya did that as well, but she never really used the information, she didn’t need to. The only way for Kleya to win this is to cancel the special and attack with full force, the big problem is, there… Read more »

I like the Bandit. But ONLY because of how he acts outside of his fights. Otherwise, yeah, he’s about as unlikeable as can be and I sincerely want to know how he has fans >.> Are TENka’s promotion campaigns really THAT good?


That wasn’t nice.


Small chance Kleya can win this by vote, especially if she plays her part correctly. Bandit is very smug, and his actions border on “sexual harassment”, half the audience is female.

If Kleya can also leave impression that she finds Bandit repulsive and perhaps even the Dude much better, that may also help… getting some of fans of the Dude to vote for her. (A guy who is rejected by the ladies tends to be downer for popularity… Kleya lost first fight to Bandit due to only votes not tied to the actual fight)



Not A Villain just bumped Supernormal Step off of my quicklinked web comics hotbar!!

I haven’t felt my heart race at such a gripping (not to mention well constructed) story since I first read Ultimate Spderman 8 years ago.

And as far as you art is concerned, it looks like if you give it (not even) a year, you’ll be matching Jeff Jacques (QC started out with a quality similar to yours).

You now have one more dedicated reader, forever spamming the refresh button for updates! X3 <3!


Not to mention I’ve already seen a notable increase in your skill as an artist since the first pages. :3

so many things goin on behind the scenes that just gets me excited for this comic I like how Bandit thinks he found a loop hole but hey, u wound up touching her so it counts as an attack. Kleya on the other hand has to start making specials that just attack, she cant be passive aggressive about fighting in a fight, it just doesnt work that way. And im curious about TENka and its role in everything, we know they control every facet of life and the GAME but im curious with their motives. Word domination seems kinda ridiculous… Read more »
Squire James

If the rules haven’t changed since the first match, the Bandit should get hit now. The Clumsy Sword guy took the counter for the “floor damage” right in there with the attack damage.


…Oh dear l—, the vote incentive. *cracks up*
I love that, so much. XD

Tuesday’s so far awaaaay. D:
I want to know who gets hit!


Did the main header change on the website?


Yes. It’s a lot smoother with some shadow/glow type effects.


I dunno, I think I’d accuse him of sexual harassment, or even molestation, and turn things ugly for him. though then again, the community there might not be as aggressive against a man forcing himself on a woman in their world as they are in this one.


Sexual Harrasment probably isn’t very high on most people’s fix list in a post-apocalyptic scenario.


I’ve just saw something that would be considered a attack!

bandit has his foot on her foot and made her step back and make her take damage!!

by all rules that would have made him get hit for making him do damage to her by rules of contact!! that nice better hit him for 9 points due his contact made her take damage

that one guy

That orange splat that comes up when she hits the ground, is that something that can be seen by characters in the comic or is it just us that read the comic?

Tim C

…We saw in the first fight that if Kleya was attacked and then hit the ground, that Nice! would retaliate for the combined damage… it seems totally plausible that Nice is about the thwak The Bandit for 9&9.

Actually, Kleya is completely surprised by him ‘stepping’ on her foot…I think he might have actually placed his foot there in an attempt to catch her/lessen her fall…look how his foot’s placed. He’s not pushing down with it, his rocking it back on his heel. She took a step back and stumbled. I’d still lean towards she got knocked down and he gets hit, but maybe just maybe everyone’s seeing this wrong. The way the feet are drawn does suggest he’s actually placing his foot on top of hers, but not actually stepping down on it. Ah, the speculation.
Dorje Sylas

Pinning someones foot while they are falling is actually a good way to make it hurt even more… and damage the ankle/leg depending on how pinned the foot is and the nature of the fall. Talk to skiers who’s bindings fail to release… not fun.

No, the Bandit is deliberately pinning her foot so he can move in for the “nice” troll-kiss. Unfortunately that is not a nice way to go about it, so…. Stop! Hammer time!

Nice drawing Aneeka! The Bandit is such a Troll. 😀