*last panel* Bandit: see my hand? I have fingers! Clearly the fans will vote for me!


He wants to dance?!

Are they mortal enemies who are fighting each other, or are they rough lovers? Is there even a difference?

*Ouch* Kleya just reached through the fourth law an punched me in the gut!


Looks like an invitation to dance to me… he knows he just has to stretch this out for another 51 seconds or so, and then the fans will likely vote for him. Except… I thought he wanted to get hit by Nice? Did he get enough information just from seeing Kleya get hit with it?

It would be more interesting if he takes this opportunity to snatch her away via teleport for a private chat, but that would blow his cover with Dr. Grace.


Hmm… dancing with the stars: L.i.F.e. edition? Can’t wait to see what happpens next ^_^


Can Kleya hack a pair of scissors and cut off his mullet? That’s a really nice service.


Can’t she cancel the special? Maybe that’s why she called him a show-off before. She can’t turn it off.


But what will canceling do? That would mean that Bandit could attack her without any fear of the special. I bet Bandit is a lot better at basic fighting than Kleya is.


Which is why she should have a plan ‘B’. Relying on one move is very dangerous.


Agreed. But apparently, she is not the best of strategist. And we do know that she had hoped to bring in multiple specials but learned to late that it was impossible. So maybe she did have a plan ‘B’. Probably, if she had known that multiple specials were impossible, she might have coded up a single special with a plan ‘B’.


But she knew about the 1 special only rule long before the start of the tournament. Of course, if it was sufficient time to come up with an alternate strategy between the other stuff she was doing, I couldn’t say.


She didn’t know about the 1 special only rule. In page 103, when she is being uploaded to the game trials (which is what she is in now), it shows that she was trying to upload at least 3 specials and the system limited her to just 1.


I think, in her position, I would go through effort to assure that he damaged me. Such as, perhaps, making him fall on me, or really anything else of that nature.

Sir Read-a-Lot

Actually, if Nice boosted Kleya’s health to more than 23 pts over the Bandits, she can just beat him up. Without the secondary number, they’re both going to lose health at the same rate, and Kleya would have more health than the Bandit.

Of course the problem with that strategy is that she has to beat him up.


I was thinking the same thing. With NICE up, it all comes down to whoever has more HP wins, no matter what, since everyone takes equal damage.

Squire James

If their HP are too close, he could still win by hitting her hard at the end and KO her before the counterattack. Even if it results in a “double KO”, undoubtedly the “crapsack world” (a TV Tropes term, not meant to be derogatory) will vote against her.


I just want to say that I am LOVING this development.


Definetly lick the palm of his hand while looking into his eyes.

Hi, was browsing TopWebComics last night when I noticed this at the #2 spot. I liked the banner so I took a look and was pleased with the result. The art needs improvement but you definitely got an interesting story going on. I like the lead character as well. I also see you’ve been at it for over a year now, with what seems to be pretty consistent updates. Good going on that. I’ll be adding this to my webcomic reading list. So let me see if I understand the backstory. In the future, we managed to make cheap endless… Read more »

A little off, there appears to have been some sort of apocalypse scenario “The Ending” that left people in non-cities unable to get essential basics like oxygen. (Side story explained more about this, between comic books 1 and 2) She isn’t a citizen and needs to eat, and so had to come to LiFe to make money for food and stuff. Other than that it looks about accurate.


Clever. If she does not accept his handshake(?) she is not being nice.



What if the double damage occurs if you TALK in between your attack and when you’re hit by it?

What? It could work.


I say make it a draw. Double K.O Kleya just whales on him. Then its up to the votes…


Hopefully NICE has an apology clause. If you are “nice” and apologize, you get some some health back.


Aim for the crotch. Enough to enrage bandit and lead him to teh fali
=D (apparently Kleya will take equall damage to the damage made (crotch hit isnt probaly K.O. >-<))