Sir Read-a-Lot

The second number doesn’t happen to Kleya? Innnnteresting…..


Sure. Do you really expect her to have happiness stats?


He seems to be more in shock of that she would decide to take the damage than to allow him the satisfaction.


Lovely page! Good thing the ‘Be Nice’ special only does comparative damage.


interesting that the secondary effect apparently doesn’t work on kleya… hmm. makes me even more curious about what it is. Why can’t it be already! heh.


be tuesday*

Ugh, I shouldn’t post at 3 am lol.


So “Be Nice” deals damage based on the attack power of the one who is not nice? Brilliant (maybe).


Yep. Or more accurately, it deals damage based on the power of the attack made. (2X, usually) That slap wouldn’t really be a powerful attack, but it IS an aggressive move

Also: Is that look of Kleya’s (panel 5) her suprised she got hit? or that she maybe realizes that a variation in her special is exposed?


Right… I’m going to say that kissing someone who doesn’t want to be kissed is an assault of another kind. Might not be in the rules and all, but still… eh. Not exactly the best way to make her lash out against him.


Hah, very charming. Was going to say nice, but clearly it wasn’t nice. 😉

Also wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Bandit noticed the absence of the second attack. He saw how it worked in other fights, after all, and he doesn’t strike me as dumb at all. 🙂


He might well notice, if the others can see exact damage values. Given the nature of the game, I wouldn’t be surprised, but it IS possible that either
a) they don’t show it in the actual fight (it might give the opponent an advantage?)
b) she is the only one who can see it. Her ability to see the code does seem likely to be unique.


Bandit’s face in panel 4 suggests he did not expect this to happen. Could be bad if he keeps exploiting it. Wonder why the pink number didn’t trigger…


first of nice vote incentive.

second heh actually quite impressed by bandit now^^ still hate the guy, but d*** nice move i can see where he gets his fans.

and the missing number! it confuses and intrigues me.


Right now I so very much want to strangle Bandit. So. Very. Much. Few things I hate more than someone with the upper hand who is flagrantly smug about it.


In fairness, in a media situation such as a webcomic, someone who has the upper hand and is flagrantly smug about it is virtually guaranteed to get their butts handed to them shortly.

Dorje Sylas

Unfortunately I don’t think the Bandit’s comeuppances are coming this round. This is for the Leadership slot so Kleya can still lose this fight and have the story progress. It also keeps her rancor with the Bandit as a viable plot point.

I just can’t stop seeing Trollface superimposed over the Bandit’s.


I absolutely love Kleya’s or rather Kat V8’s expression in the second to last panel. man if looks could kill that would be a double KO. XD

(in reference to the Incentive): “To nice” already /is/ a verb, and a computery one at that: nice is the system that controls process priority on Unix-like systems (linux, BSD, OSX…). Come to think of it, renicing one’s opponents upward would probably lag them enough to get them disqualified. Unfortunately, I can’t give credit for Nice Special as a deliberate reference because a) I highly doubt a Special is allowed to control other people’s execution priority (too close to hacking) and b) a lower nice number is actually a *higher* priority. Oh, and c) nice numbers only go from -19… Read more »
Squire James

My basic thought is that the “emotion damage” is actually “emotion drain”. It transfers X points from the attacker’s emotion stat to her. In her case, she transferred it to herself so it nets zero (so it doesn’t show up).

Maybe she will realize that she can still win if her HP total is higher than his. She can hit him and just take equal damage. If he hits her, he takes damage plus “emotion drain”. He could still win, but it’s a better situation than she’s in now.


Alternatively, the emotion drain only activates for damage totals above 10.

Isn’t this the first attack with a (total) damage below ten?


Well, the special also boost’s her HP, right? So, that opens a couple of exploits right there…

Stig Hemmer

If she is *really* good, she will have thought of this and left in a backdoor of some sort.

The fact that she only takes HP damage and not (whatever) damage implies that she has put *some* thought into this.


I believe she did have a contingency measure but. If you remember when the specials were being selected she was not allowed to bring as many as she would have liked.


Remember guys… like the Bandit just demonstrated, it’s possible to cancel a special.


Hmm… I still ship her with The Dude…

Justin Allen

i demand she begin crying, and in so doing Bandit gets voted down and she gets voted up!!!!!

Dorje Sylas

The looks on both Bandit and Kat’s faces in panels for 4 & 5 respectively is priceless. Well drawn Aneeka.

Why do I get the feeling Kat just handed the Bandit a free pass to troll her.


The bandit only had one hand in the air, as opposed to Kleya two-handed surrenders in previous comics. Could this be the reason for the missing second attack?


Looks like Be Nice needs some work do on it.


I have a question… why didn’t she just move back? avoid taking damage and getting kissed.