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are you aware that the vote incentive hasn’t changed to the previous one yet?
namely since last Friday or so?
just thought I’d note.


You do realize that the incentive doesn’t update till midnight pacific time. This webcomic updates midnight mountain time. So you have to wait an hour after this webcomic updates before the incentive will update.


-23? That’s the same as a typical hit. What is the specifics of his special if it builds up a roundhouse to become a slap? Or maybe she was able to defend. Is there more to his special?


23? Looks like she managed to make it a Glancing Blow. Hopefully she’ll have enough left to survive another one, although it’s not unfeasible to light hit her to death and possibly avoid being one-shot by Nice that way. Things are getting interesting it seems…


Come on, Nice! Our heroine is in danger!


23 is not that bad… expected a bit more damage. Yeah, sure he managed to attack BEFORE she could activate Nice but still… I don’t see her reason to panic.


If she’s down below 5hp, and Nice is an Attack Special, then she can’t activate it…


Not sure if it’s an Attack Special but I can be wrong so let’s say it is. If Page 58-59 is accurate, she has 136 Health points. Which is halved down to 68. 68-23=45, she’s good to go.

But prove me wrong.

that one guy

Yeah, and those 23 points of damage were only from a blow on the shoulder. Imagine the damage from him if he hits her in the head or the torso.


The highest damage the comic shows her taking in this competition is 59, with an average in the high 20s. Dr. Grace says that she shouldn’t be surviving those hits with her halved hp.

Now, either he’s just wrong about her hp total, or it’s lower than you’re proposed 68. I would presume that he can somehow see at least her base stats before the special is activated, but it’s clear he can’t see what the special is actually doing. Perhaps he can access each character’s stats from when the character was registered in the tournament.


So what would be ‘nice’ in this case? Finishing her off quickly?


I think that the reason she is panicking is because nice wont activate. The bandits special increased speed and strength at the cost of sight. might it also block specials for a period of time? Or could this possibly be the work of a hacker.

that one guy

He kicked her like in his first fight against her, and it was in the shoulder. Which probably explains the -23. If he had hit her mid mass or in the head, there would be much greater damage.

Stig Hemmer

She is panicking because she is panicking. Having her special interrupted rattled her badly. It remains to be seen whether she is in danger or not.

My prediction: She will now start her special. Neither of them attacks them other because they know it will backfire. Three minutes will pass and the match will be over.

The Bandit will win either because he landed the only hit in the match or because the fans will vote for him.

Then what?

Some guy
If the Nice special buffs hp but reduces her defense(or endurance to use this games terms) then smacks any attackers for double damage this hit could have lost it for her. For example if she has 150 hp after nice and bandit has 100, bandit could attack for 49 damage reducing her hp to below 80 which seems reasonable for a well placed attack, considering her vastly decreased endurance. Considering neither player is likely to have this much hp it becomes even easier to hit the required values to last hit her before nice kicks in. Hopefully that wasn’t too… Read more »

What’s so special about reducing her hp to below 80? Also, nice doesn’t do double damage back. It does same damage as both hp damage and stat damage.


So last night I came to check the site and… I was told that it didn’t exist!

I am glad that his is not actually the case. ^_^


man that was freaking fast, hopefully kleya shows us she has her own set of skills outside of NICE. IMHO i think it’s the only way for her to win

She should be panicking. Nice is a gamble, it’s a bet that it will deal enough damage to her attacker before he can KO her. Now that she’s taken some damage a sufficiently strong attack could KO her before nice has a chance to retaliate. What happens then depends on the rules of the game. Either the round is over and nice never goes off, or her opponent gets KOed after her resulting in a double KO which may or may not be a tie since she would have gone down first. Plus as others have pointed out, if neither… Read more »

Can he increase any stat with his special or just strength? I could picture him using it to increase his happiness stat, making nice useless. It would also explain the 23 damage.


I think if he swaps Sight for Speed and Accuracy, wow. With 100% accuracy you don’t need to see ANYTHING.


Just finished reading, excellent comic, will return… TUESDAY?! Man, that’s too many days from now. =P


Am I the only one who’s not being able to veiw the comic? Ad blockers are turned off…
Could it be that my 10 year old laptop has ceased to run this site? D: