A Person Am I

Man, what I said last page is still in effect. I’m finally starting to like Bandit! Grace is becoming even less likable by the minute thought, but meh. Really looking forward to finding out about what is between Kleya and Bandit now!

Also, I’m quite please with panel one. It came out nice. These kind of “describing while trying to understand” pages are usually favorites of mine, they are great.


Ooooh if it attacks emotional stats as well does that mean being emotionally mean/not nice also work?


I love his expression in the last panel. 😀


a) He is going to kiss her (“wait? WHAT???”).
Seriously, it will knock her socks off, she will be stunned, and may even faint -> insta-win for the Bandit.
It will also make her most-hated-person-alive among the Bandit fans.

b) … (everyone! speculation mode = ON)


Haha, I like that theory. Will most likely result in a slap in response which will trigger her own special.

My guess is that he will “hug” her so hard it causes damage, possibly directly to her lowered stamina, but won’t count as an attack that triggers the nice special.

He could wait until she activates her special, then invoke Ladies First. Instant bonus points from the fans, might provoke her into attacking, and if she doesn’t attack and lets it time out the fans don’t like her, so The Bandit can win by vote while making her look bad. On the other hand, it seems like he wants to get hit by Nice. Perhaps hit for about two points of damage and take the hit, then use his blindfold to boost whatever emotion stat Nice hits. It’s also worth noting that the stat she’s draining is probably stamina. If… Read more »

A hit from the Bandit for 2 points seems like the obvious strategy… so I suppose that’s not what he’s going to do. I still don’t understand how emotions were supposed to work in the Game, though. Apparently Kleya could give someone so much “happiness” that they faint (http://navcomic.com/archive/page-68/) and lose the match. Wouldn’t it make sense for avatar emotions to be triggered by the player, not by an external event? Maybe Kleya is interfering with that interface, sort of like hijacking someone’s chat login to insert smileys into their text or something….


Well, Dr. Grace did just say that emotion stats weren’t supposed to be attacked directly, and were basically included purely for fluff (which seems like a very strange reason to include them).

Also, for the happy special, it actually decreased happiness, which in turn made them too happy…. which is kinda counter intuitive. (Bandit said he’d have to put all his points into happiness to counter the special, making him otherwise useless.)


Bandit: *smirk*
Kleya: *disbelief*
Grace: *wide-eyed shock, mixed with ‘da f***?!’*


SPOILER ALERT (?) the epic battle of “pacifism” commences. (Is that right?)

Tim C


On the last page, I commented that The Bandit would probably defect. Now, I’m beginning to suspect that he’s going to get fired first, then give Dr. Grace a big “screw you, you can’t fire me, I hold all the cards” speech, and THEN defect.


Somehow I love it when a phrase that is entirely innocuous out of context is presented in a bada** way. Like right here 🙂


There are other ways to induce damage or ensure victory than hitting a person until they stop moving.


D***, everything here is great.

I especially like how the last panel is actually menacing.


Honestly, he doesn’t even have to attack, he can just wait for the clock to run out and let the fans decide.

Also, here’s a thought, if Kayla’s in the game, she’ll need better graphics like The Dude said, maybe instead of just giving Danni the money, she hires her to draw for her. In case like Danni has too much pride to take it.


If he wants to find out how her Special works, he has to arrange to be hit by it, which means he has to attack.


Honestly, I’ve noticed this several times in the comments, and it’s really starting to bother me.

Her name is Kleya, not Kayla.


I find joy in her horrifying art skills


Yeah, okay, it’s official, the Bandit has earned the right to be a “rival” of sorts to Kleya. I can actually see why he has a legion of fans now.


what i think is goin to happen he is goin to make her hit him so she can b knocked the f*** out lol


O-O wtf that was scary


Great page, as always! Been following for a while, but first time posting. :>
Just wanted to point out that you missed the comma in the first panel “it’s”.


I just discovered “Not a Villain” (ad on “My Sister the Freak”). It’s going to take me a while to catch up, but so far I’m already enjoying it. I’m only on page 9 so far, but your characters and ideas have got me hooked. I like your art work too … you say on your “about” page that you’re self-taught, so I’m quite impressed. You’re very good. You have a new fan. 🙂


First time comment here, anyway, I have a serious thought. If she wins she can pick her own team, right? Then can’t she then bring her partner in as part of her team in the process? In doing so that saving of her partner would cancel out her deed in taking her partner out wouldn’t it?