Sir Read-a-Lot

So… Does Nice boost everyone’s HP, or just her own?

It could boost everyone’s if (as we suspect) it attacks some stat other than HP.


It would make sense to lower the aggressive player’s defense as a penalty and boost the non agressive player’s defense.

It might be a penalty for aggressive behavior/ reward for not starting a fight.


I think that the “double damage” the special does is doing the same damage to the aggressor that he did but then also redirecting the damage that Kleya takes to the person who attacked her so that she effectively goes uninjured.


Danni mentioned still having hp, so having it just do both the damage isn’t it, or she would have still been able to fight.


Well I can’t vote and see the new incentive yet, but the little teaser on the site definitely says “A fan club?! After TWO pages?!” Brilliant.

A Person Am I

I like this page, and not only because my favorite character might not lose his position as sidekick.

It shows more nuance to the Grace/Bandit relationship, with Bandit getting a show of competence. Which is good, because while we know he’s a good FIGHTER, his programs has been described as not being very tight. It’s nice to see he has credibility beyond “has been around”.

Also, it pleases me IMMEASURABLY to see Grace not know something, the smug b******.


D*** right The Dude has a fan club (voter incentive), he is just that awesome.

I like the explanation for how powerful the Special is. It is easy to understand from a video gamer’s perspective while still being pure genius.


Bandit seems like a good friend to have… and I think he’s figured out *exactly* how Kleya’s Special works, because he knows it’s “Her” and he knows her coding style. Now he just has to figure out how to tell just enough to Dr. Grace to get Brandon out of trouble, but not enough to make him any more suspicious.

What on earth is he planning to do long-term? He won’t be able to play both sides forever….


As for a Dr. Grace fan club… no, I refuse to start one or join one. He may yet turn up some redeeming value to justify his behavior, but so far all I see is a bully. No fan club for a simple bully, I say.


If the Joker, Doctor Doom, Darkseid, Batman, Emperor Palpatine and friggen DARTH VADER have fanclubs why can’t Grace?


Its because he’s bald 🙂 . Are any of those bald?


Actually, I think Darth Vader is bald, by the end of Episode 6. So is the Emperor, at that point, now that I think about it. I don’t know if we ever see Doctor Doom or Darkseid without their headgear. (Doctor Doom in his college days doesn’t count.)

And is Dr. Grace really bald? What’s with the gray stuff hanging behind his ears– moss?

I think it’s the red stripes on his face, personally. They clash with his eyes. 😉


Because they manage to be a villain in a way that makes them absolutely cool. Grace doesn’t.


That’s a matter of perspective/opinion/whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

Grace is a very cool villain (at least in the capacity we’ve seen of him so far). He’s deceiving* his colleagues and his boss (who i assume is the ‘he’ they’re all afraid of) and playing Xanatos Speed chess with an entire tournament specifically to discover one girl’s identity and /winning/.

Sure, he’s not LIKEABLE. But villains rarely are.

*Technically not lieing


Grace is awesome. He lied to the governing body of TenKa about their greatest enemy so that he could watch her without their attention for a little while. That *is* absolutely cool! QED.

Furia Firelander

Because he doesn’t have facepaint or a mask


I made Dr. Grace feel self-conscious?

I feel… well I feel kind of ambivalent about that already.

Don’t worry Dr. Grace Sir, I’m sure you’ll do something fan club-worthy soon. Maybe? I dunno?

Also… woo! Something I created was vote incentive material! :O


In other news, might there possibly be plans for getting a proper message board for Not A Villain in the near (or at least not-so-distant) future? As much fun as commenting on individual comics is; it’s nice to have a place where commentary, fan works, speculation, and other banter can be consolidated.


I second this.


I’ve setup up a wiki over at wikia ( It has a forum area ( that we could use. It would probably be unofficial.

Tim C

Even if The Bandit figures out how Nice works, will he be able to beat it? …Probably not.

Also, nitpick, Dr. Grace’s line in the last panel should say its, not it’s. Its is the possessive, it’s is “it is.”


I think the easiest way for him to beat that special is let it trigger, then just chat until the timer runs out and win through fan votes. Kleya isn’t that good at chatting after all, and he has a solid fanbase. 😉

Or, of course, activate his special quicker. Just as he managed to do before and defeat her through that. If he brings her hp down enough, she won’t even be able to activate her special, iirc. I doubt this special is a ‘random’ special, anyhow, seeing as how she has to activate it. 🙂

that one guy

True, maybe he can do just that, but we have to remember that the Bandit is an active fighting character. It wouldn’t be surprising if in the end, if his fans, who are used to him being flashy, get disappointed in his performance (or lack thereof) and decide to vote for Kat.

that one guy

So the question is, can you make an attack and get out of the Nice specials area of influence? Is it possible to dodge it? If the bandit can not use damage attacks, will he use some sort of special that attacks your emotional stats, like Kat had in their first fight?

Tim C

The Bandit is showing a surprising amount of competency here. I’d taken him for a dimwitted lackey at first. In the last few scenes, he’s proven that he’s neither really dim, nor really a lackey.

I expect we’ll be seeing him subvert Dr. Grace’s plans and defect to another team (though maybe not Kleya’s team) at some point.


I suspect “The Bandit” as “Game Trials star” and Bandit as L.i.F.e. player are rather different in personality. (And I think the Bandit’s user also has a different persona, rarely revealed to anyone.) This is a guy who’s playing *at least* two roles, possibly more.