Fire Hazard

No incentive?


ofcourse she wins…

But it would be a nice plot-twist if Kleya would now encounter an opponent who beats her, leading dr. Grace and the (pissed-off) Bandit to believe that Kleya is indeed not ‘her’…


Kleya, please please please, make something completely out of your old character in this match…


How is her face getting shaded like that when her avatar is so s*****, anyway?


Dramatic effects and rule of cool.

Tim C

As if Kleya knows anything about drawing shadows. 😛


She is Batwoman of the distant future. The shadow’s just a bit of foreshadowing.


If he’s timed out or having connection probelms, why not drop him from the tournament entirely? Or perhaps I’m being too harsh?

Squire James

I’m pretty sure that world is used to occasional lag from things like, oh, aftereffects of the real-life event that caused this dystopia in first place. They probably expect him to be back in a short while.


People on the internet being patient and understanding? That event had some good side-effects then.


who cares? he needs a loss


Love the webcomic so far, keep it up!

that one guy

We still don’t know the whole story, but the bandit is acting strange about whether Kleya is the hacker girl or not. He did say that he used to work with her, how close were they in there relationship? Were they just partners? Or were they actual friends? Kleya apparently escaped two years ago, perhaps the reason why bandit is trying to convince the doc that she isn’t her, is because he helped her escape those two years ago? SPECULATION!


The expression in panel 5 is great. Confusion without a hint of fear.


So she is basically just a tool. They don’t want to destroy her (realy) they want to find her and get their hands on her ability again. Probably what they do with other hackers if they can mind wipe them.


I just read through everything again. It’s really good, but it’s so frustrating that each time I read the comic, it gives me more questions than answers. I keep waiting for the answers, but they never seem to come… {sigh}


Web comic Trolling?


Yeah, you are. 🙂


What? No. I’m just lamenting that it’s a really good story but frustratingly engrossing while teasing you with so much information that’s just out of reach.


Hey, if the Game has been up for TWO YEARS and she has been on the run for TWO YEARS… how does this timeline work? :/


it means that after programing the final patch of the game (cause she help make it), she went into hiding.


Hn, that might make sense. >>

I hope we get some back story here. I kinda curious about how the game works though. How do they make 3D avatars out of 2D drawings?


Okay, it wasn’t just the expression a few pages back. Dr Grace as a character makes me want to do harm to small animals.