‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 131


And Book 2 starts!


Also, I know a lot of you were fans of this idea, but the chance of Annie's story showing up in the vote incentives is near non-existent. I simply don't have the time to pull that off. A page for Annie will now take about the same time as a page for the main storyline. Filler, however, is an option as well as making Annie's story an incentive for something special (which I have yet to come up with). Currently, I'm focusing on getting the main story going, so Annie won't show up for a while, FYI.


For the vote incentive, I got this crazy idea of what would happened if a bunch of angry blobs showed up in panel 1... 😈

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!!




I hope we will see some L.i.F.e or reality sometime soon.
Your drawing skills for the Game have been improved, and I’m curious to see how they hold up in those realities now.


That’s right a LEADER. Like Captain Kirk, hogging the spotlight.


Glad to see it’s started again, but i’m still a bit downhearted by the incentives. I like remixed pages but i fear i’m losing interest in them…


Looks like maybe Kleya can still help Danni to get into the game. I hope that she can lead a team with Danni in it, as that will be really fun to watch, especially since we can see are larger repertoire of specials.

I’ve really enjoyed this comic since I found it not long ago, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I can’t wait to find out all of her backstory and see how she deals with it when Mina and Danny find out (and how they deal with it).


Lag from Bandit? What, is he going to throw his fight so he can go yell at Kleya personally?


Lag because Bandit was not in his Holding area like he was supposed to be and was in fact with Dr Grace watching Kleya’s fight, so now there is “lag” as he is being transferred to his holding area again. That or someone is making a hacksassination attempt on him.


Goodbye, Annie, we will miss you! Hope to see you again, soon!

Welcome back, Kleya! Nice to see you again – hope Danni won’t kill you…


Yay, back to the main story! But there’s no alt-text, was that intentional?


Sounds like a hope spotlight there, if a leader can choose who’s on the team.


It looks like the Bandit might be dropping out in order to let Danni in, being the hero that Kleya wasn’t.

Squire James
There’s no assurances that would work. This world seems to be a bit deliberately cruel (like voting to decide matches interrupted by hacking rather than simply repeating the matches), so late drop-outs may only result in fewer people going to the Game. But yeah, from the look on the Bandit’s face a few strips ago that seems possible. Bandit is probably an alter-ego of someone already in the Game anyway. Even so, there’s Dr. Grace’s reaction to consider – he already got to view Kleya’s “squirm fest” so he may not care about what happens with Bandit and/or Danni at… Read more »

As far as late dropouts, IIRC the motivation behind the tournament was to fill in a missing player gap in the Game. Most likely there would not be a reduction in the number of final winners if someone dropped out.


yes a loop hole!! I knew Kleya was goin to feel really bad about what happened, but its like we all thought before. Would Danni really want her to throw the match? It would be patronizing. What i like so far is that it seems like Kleya’s destiny is to keep moving in a direction that puts her in good spots. I say embrace it, Kleya.


Danni would have never forgiven her for throwing the match by not invoking her special. As leader, she may have the chance to pull in someone from not the Death Match (I see her giving Danni some of her winnings…).

Also, Bandit lag? Hmmm. Either listening to Dr. Grace or something. I don’t see him as the alter ego of someone in the game, I see him as someone Kleya screwed over before her restart.


She’s still caught on that? She should forget about being leader. She doesn’t have the right qualities. I’d never follow her for sure.


you have to remember urza, while it has been weeks for us, it probably even been minutes for her. She just effectively killed her friend, at least, that’s how she sees it. I don’t want to meet the person who recovers from that so quickly.


True, but consider what she’s crying about. Not that she ‘killed’ her friend (which she’ll probably feel later when she thinks about it), but the fact that she couldn’t be a ‘hero’.


In this case, they are one and the same, and thats just how her mind is trying to process it. She may be a genius hacker, but she is still only human, but grief can really fuzz up how you look at things.


Lag… or listening to the evil doctor’s scheming in the lair?

Squire James

I was wondering what kind of motivation they would have for actually winning the tournament, and apparently the Leader mechanic is it. And if being a Leader means you can bring a non-qualifying friend or two into the Game…

Assuming Kleya keeps winning, she will meet both Bloody Mary and The Bandit. The Winner’s match will determine in what order.


wait, i didn’t understand somthing, what are blobs exactly? are they the players somone make when they sign up to L.I.F.E?


They are more along the lines of nondescript crowd makers, like how in movies, people are brought in to fill crowded scenes, I.E. a mall based scene wouldn’t look right if it was completely empty. The difference being, Aneeka has to draw the crowd, so she cant exactly waste time giving them all major details, so they come out as blobs.

Squire James

The anime series “Durara” (number of r’s and exclamation points vary) the animator’s “grayed out” all the unimportant characters, though some of them made noises/speech as they passed. In one dramatic scene, thousands of onlookers are progressively colorized, making the bad guys realize that the good guy’s allies were more numerous than they had thought…


I say since you do such a great job with this comic that you should do something akin to what Emily Muto does with “The Way To Your Heart”… have a certain donation goal met, and get a bonus page, that bonus page being Annie’s story. Great comic! Can’t wait to see what being a ‘leader’ entails!