GDI someone needs to pull out a gun!

Fire Hazard

OOOOOOH, Completely Missed the Point on that one, Weird Guy. I’ve got a feeling that this will be a VERY important point later. Can we just skip this and go into the Game Proper?


Dr Grace’s facial expression makes me want to punch a kitten.


Vote for Danni, go, Waterman is a lame name.


Waterman already had his webtoon and studio. Vote for Danni, her name doesn’t sound like a rejected MegaMan villain.


Wow, Dr, Grace is getting excited. But the Bandit feels nothing? (or just plain resentment) Mystery after mystery….


Yeah, yeah. He was pretty unsettled before for a guy who was watching something go just how he thought it would. But that kind of attitude is probably why they let him make that Dr. Grace this time. :3


Ooogh, Waterman has a better avatar, he’ll probably win the vote…


I’ve been calling it for like five pages now. The bandit’s fans are gonna vote Danni in.

Well, ok, i’ve only been saying ‘Danni’ for the last two or three.


Waterman? The Dude? How do you come up with these guys? XD


I was thinking more that Kleya would rally her fans to vote Danni in. They’re watching, because they’re subscribed to Danni to see Kleya, since Kleya doesn’t allow subscriptions to herself directly.

Then again, Kleya is probably pretty upset with herself right now. She may not be able to pull it together to talk to her fans.

It was heavily implied that because Kleya yelled at her fans, she didn’t have enough to win the vote against either Waterman OR the Dude. Conceivably Danni gained some fans during the game trials thanks to her special and fighting style but i doubt it since Kleya seems to be the only one who likes watching Danni do Ballet attacks. The author whose name escapes me at the moment (Aneeka?) has implied in previous comics and comment sections that the Bandit is going to be a major character (on the page where Kleya hits him there’s a comment from the… Read more »

It doesn’t matter if Kleya has enough fans to get Danni in, really. The effort would be meaningful, especially to Danni, and it would probably throw Dr. Grace off the trail in confusion. (And I’d be interested to see the Bandit’s face if she tries it.)

Bandit has to be an alter ego for someone else, in any case. He’s a “new” player, but Dr. Grace invites him for a private viewing of Kleya’s match? I’m still thinking he’s an alt of Sasuke.


Saisuke, SAIsuke! Don’t go getting this universe’s King Bada** Apparent confused with that psychotic g**-modding emo.


Oops, sorry about that. 😉

Squire James

“Waterman wins. Override?”


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He perceives those qualities, because that’s what he wants to see. He is making a huge judgement based on very little information and what information he does have is skewed by his desires. Bandit-boy should be more concerned about his superior’s… obsession.


Well, from the outside it sure LOOKS like a planned betrayal on Kleya’s part, rather than a spur of the moment knee jerk reaction to the possibility of losing. That said… Kleya did do bad here. She let her pride overcome her integrity when it came to the wire, and once again she’s screwed someone over without even really thinking about it. Yeah… she’s definitely got a long way to go before she even gets within spitting distance of ‘hero’… she’s far too prone to being self centered and making impulsive decisions that have far reaching consequences.


It also depends on how well facial expression translate through the avatars and how well those can be seen in a recording. If you miss the details the probability of coming to the wrong conclusion jumps significantly.
And I keep saying this, but if Kleya had forfeited or lost (by not fighting) it would have been just as selfish and impulsive. Still not hero behaviour. At least this way, she’s true to herself, rather than clinging to some false convictions.


I know we’re most likely going to see Dani win, but would you mind telling us a bit about this Waterman anyway Aneeka? I’m sure you have all sorts of background details about him, more than just a costume and a name anyway.


i vote danni