I feel bad for Danni. She didn’t even see it coming…and then the look of disbelief on her face afterwards…


At least it was a more gripping fight then the previous ones.


Well, for some reason I found this page to be extremely interesting. I’m going to say it is due to the facial expressions.


Poor Danni, she must be feeling so upset. Also REALLY HAPPY.


I think you’re thinking of the wrong special there Edd.


Didn’t she make an absurd amount of reward money for utterly betraying the person she dragged in to the games to begin with, who clearly had severe problems? Or am I just mistaken?


Umm… what?


‘Utterly betray’? You mean the person who willingly forfeited a match after borrowing over 3 grand from her that both parties knew she couldn’t pay back without the reward money from this game? After learning that her partner (ie, Danni) would be unable to try this again, was too poor to in any case and needs to pay multi-grand bills to L.I.F.E. just to stay in it?

Sure, Danni ‘betrayed’ Kleya. But not until AFTER Kleya screwed her over. Big time.

Fire Hazard

No… She most likely made a moderate amount of money, from a single donor (Sandra, I think it was), for betraying the person that stole money from her now-bankrupt parents, then forfeiting the match that they (Danni’s parents, not Sandra) were paying her to win. Danni was being, if not the nicest person ever, at least within her rights.

Techno Gray

Um, first.

Also now we know it is not strictly a damage attack. Although I can’t even begin to guess what the other stat is that it’s affecting.

Tim C

Probably speed. It paralyzes the victim. Of the stats we know exist:
Happiness overload causes the person to faint
Zero happiness would result in depression, which doesn’t appear to be the symptom.
Zero sight would (presumably) leave the target blind, but still able to fight.
Zero strength is a possibility, but no one’s commented about their body being heavy; just that they can’t move
Zero speed would result in lack of action, which is what we have observed.
It’s also possible she’s attacking a stat we haven’t heard of yet, but I doubt it.


Agility also is a stat, cited in the fight with bandit (comic 53). That also seems to be something that could be attacked with Nice


It could be an attack against the opponent’ strongest stat, too…


doesn’t sound smart. the strongest stat is the hardest one to ground. I’d attack the weakest stat, that yields a better chance.


I meant the special used the opponents’ strongest stat AGAINST them. It seems the Gamers are usually fairly straight forward, not like our little miss sunshine and her happy thoughts…


The irony of the “BE NICE!” made me smile and feel bad all at once.


Oh. So I guess the special attacks the opponent’s stats? Bring, strength and agility to zero, essentially beating them without making them lose their HP?

Fear the Swans

My guess is it hits for the damage the caster takes AND drains the same amount from the victim to restore to the caster hense Danni saying she had HP left when she may not have noticed the drain.


Danni… you’ve seen Hero Smiley, you know what it can do, visually at least. Why the crap would you think standing around waiting for her special to do something is a good idea?

Squire James

Danni wasn’t exactly standing around – I’m pretty sure she was trying to reduce Kleya’s HP to 0 before her Special came out (which she almost did). She probably assumed the Special was an insta-kill like her other one… rather than the delayed-but-inevitable kill that it was.

That being said, I don’t think Kleya would be doing any favors to Danni throwing that match. The best she could do is stretch out the match as much as possible and allow Danni a chance to win votes. Which is what happened… Danni was not in a stretching mood.


This page has landed a critical hit on my heart. 🙁


I like the bottom panel; Kleya obviously doesn’t want to look at Danni. Sitting like so, she looks both cool and ashamed at the same time!


I’m so glad I went to the panel you were in at ltue about drawing comic panels. I wouldn’t have found your awesome comic had I not. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


IDK but I’m guessing… Kelya hacked. Because Danni said she still had some HP but she can’t move.

I don’t think so…the same thing seems to have happened to kleya’s opponents previously, we just assumed it was a direct hit to their HP. It never directly said it was to their HP. Actually it makes more sense that it hits a different attribute. HP tends to be way higher than any other attribute in any game I’ve played(take final Fantasy for instance. whereas your strength might be 100, your HP is 7-800) So for Nice to be effective almost 100% of the time, it has to hit something that will be lower than HP, like speed and or… Read more »
Squire James
Kleya is showing that it’s pretty easy to make a “broken” Special with the current rules, so the Admins of the Game might see this and feel forced to tweak those rules. Such tweaking may eat away at TENka’s near-monopoly on Specials, to the general population’s benefit. This may be the most “heroic” thing she can do at the moment, though I’m not sure this story will actually go this deep. Deep does not always mean entertaining, you know, and a fair bit of the web comics business runs on votes! Kleya really needs to invest some effort into Game… Read more »

I feel so bad for Danni.


The last panel looks so sad… I’m happy that Kleya won, but still sad for Danni. :l