‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 124


Danni wanted a cooler intro to her Special but Kleya refused. To Kleya, long intros give more time for the opponent to either figure it out or plan a good counterattack. To Danni, long intros mean cooler effects and - hopefully - pleased fans and more votes.


And the incentive is a re-script of panel 3 and 4.


well this will be an interesting fight indeed.


Yes, like watching someone to decide NOT to pick up the bullet shield and let the other guy to shoot him right then and there with a Uzi. Kleya’s going to have to make this a &#$@ good fight worthy of getting Danni good votes.

Tim C

I’m actually surprised that Kleya caught herself in time. Good for her. I was expecting her stubbornness to get the better of her.


Danni is not the least aware that Kleya could just finish her off if she wanted to! Why, she doesn’t know what good friend Kleya is in this moment… She’s not thinking about doing the same… Well, she can’t afford to lose, but her attitude annoys me a bit!

This Guy

I don’t think Danny will like it if she lets her win. It sort of takes away all the pride in yout abilities when people do that.


Doesn’t Kleya know Danni’s special since she programmed it?


It implies that the special she programmed lets Danni move points from one talent into other talents, but allows the user to decide WHICH. Makes sense for this kind of scenario, where Kleya doesn’t know what will help Danni win each particular fight, or even what will help Danni’s ballet in general.


Plus, that’s the one kind of Special that can beat her. She knows the weaknesses of any Special she writes, but she can’t predict what Danni will do, so if she gives Danni the ability to choose her weaknesses she can’t predict them as well.


Prediction time!

I predict that Kleya’s going to lose, and then the Bandit’s fans are going to vote her into the game. Call it a hunch. The Bandit’s watching this fight, but there was little to no reason to show him doing so beforehand. Think of it like Chekov’s gun.

I really like Kleya on this page. Not just remembering “don’t summon Nice,” but complimenting Danni on her moves. 🙂 That’s going to be good for points from her fans, too… but I’m sure she’s not thinking of that, because she really doesn’t get into the whole “fans” thing. Kleya needs to dodge and make Danni work for the win, or TENka is likely to throw out the match. Then again, if Kleya doesn’t seem to be fighting back, Danni may be thrown off a bit. She might be suspicious, and then she might feel somewhat bad about the whole… Read more »

Author’s comment from page 120:

“The Dude just forfeited his match against his partner, the Bandit. He’d have angered way too many fans if he had accidentally won.”

For consistency, I don’t think TENka would care if Kleya threw the match. And the twins interfering wouldn’t sound plausible for an official tournament. I’m more curious how Danni will react to Kleya’s lack of seriousness towards the match. Methinks she won’t like it too much.


Wow! It’s like a chess game with super powers…


With speed now i expect her to do somthing along the lines of a cartwheel kick that kleya blocks then she does it backwords like a flip to send klaya in the air then use her strength boost and speed boost to lanch herself up and do a lil dance as a downward kick attack..(On a serious note..) Kleya… i wonder how this will turn out for the both of them.. Tie?


Assuming that aura is actually there, I think the pose is plenty cool enough, maybe a stagelight effect would have been better but I don’t know the limits of what you can program in so whatever.


I predict that neither of them will land a blow. But they will be fighting at speeds that no one has ever seen before, which will attract a lot of attention from the fans. Enough fans will be intrigued that they will vote Kleya into the extra slot.


No matter what she does Kelya is just being selfish, not heroic.


… Elaborate?


You read it right? A few pages ago she said “I should lose. That’s what a hero would do.” In other words, she would lsoe, not because Danni is her ‘friend’ (using the term loosely), not because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but because she wants to be a hero. True heroes do what they do because the believe it is the right thing to do; not for accolades, rewards or to be recognized as a ‘hero’.
Kleya is only satisfying her need to perceive herself as a ‘hero’ (whatever that means). That Danni might benefit from it is incidental.


Wasn’t it established that Kleya can only see others moves ahead of time because everyone else is a lousy programer and their code leaks? Since she programed Danni’s special shouldn’t it not leak making her have no idea what the stat alteration is? Just wondering.

My call for this one: 1. Tenka engineered the hack to have Danni lose. 2. Danni wins this fight. 3. The outcome will somehow be tampered with by Tenka (vote, or whatever) so that Kleya emerges as the “official” victor. Tenka hopes to goad Kleya into trying to help Danni by hacking, either by changing the result or by giving her some magic cheat-money. They may not know about the debt Kleya owes her, but the interaction with the sponsor chick* was quite public. At least they know that Kleya cares quite a bit for Danni’s success. Either outcome benefits… Read more »