‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 123


Danni usually can catch her opponents off guard with her moves. Too bad Kleya can foresee (foreread?) her actions.


And I've been hitting first on the TWC over the weekend which has been awesome!! So, to celebrate, I've got two incentives this time around. Today's is a quick comic sketch with Mina who's caught Kleya for a moment to be thankful. Tomorrow's will be a re-script of today's update plus a surprise. Just vote again on Wednesday and you'll see it.

Hope you enjoy them! And THANKS to everyone who votes!!

And, of course, thanks for reading!


lol i was thinking she was going to charge at her till i saw it was another kick.

Fire Hazard

Aneeka, you’re back down to #2 on TWC! Quick, we need more incentives! (because g** knows we won’t do anything unless there’s a tangible reward)

Tim C

Back to #1. Not a Villain will NOT lose to Goblins.


but I love both… what am I to do!!! oh wait, I know, vote for both so they beat all the other comics and my two loves fill the top roles…

Fire Hazard

And then to 4? What’s been going on!? Two incentives for one page, and it drops to the lowest it’s been in ages? Keep it together, men!!!


Danni is actually pretty good.


yeeesh of course she is!
She only lost once!! (and against someone like bloody mary)


And she doesn’t even hesitate to realize she’s fighting her new best friend. Either she’s a true pro OR there’s something else in the works.

In this story; you never KNOW!


Actually Kleya owes Danni a LOT
she received 3500 credits from her parents and promised she would win. And then she forfeited and left Danni to her misery.
That’s a real Backstab.

I wonder if Danni wil forgive her for that.


Backstab? How does having someone else hack the games and getting handed a loss only because of the universe’s screwed up popularity rules all setup count as a backstab?


Zarylo is refering to the qualifying match where Kleya beat the bandit the first time. She chose to forfeit which means Danni would be forced into reality. Instead of standing up to the scrutiny of a search.

Tim C
It seems to me like Danni’s life is on the line here. It was speculated earlier than Danni is crippled and (with her only skills being ballet) can’t really do much outside the computer. By the sound of things, her parents can’t afford to support her anymore if she loses, especially after advancing Kleya so much money to get her in in the first place. If that’s true, then Kleya’s own reason for wanting to get into the game seems pretty darn selfish in comparison. I’ve never really liked Danni, but Kleya darn well better lose this match. [Speculation] I’m… Read more »

Either way, TENka is the root of all evil here. No doubt they control the medical industry in this time. And wouldn’t Kleya want to pay Danni back anyway? She obviously was not expecting to fight her in the first place. One way or the other, she’s going to start learning the lesson that the “forces at work” have planned for her. Doesn’t Danni even THINK Kleya might help her (after some moral arm twisting from her). On that note, maybe this IS the moral arm twisting, or head kicking in this case (whatever gets the message through faster.)

This Guy

You’ve hit first? That’s great



Is there a time limit? Danny will lose by vote in that case if she can’t hit Kleya


until now i haven’t seen any votings occur since the qualifying rounds. If they fight a little and show what they go for they get good publicity though (which helps since one of them needs votes in order to get the 5th spot).

Tim C

Very nice work on the motion shots. I can actually follow Danni’s momentum from panel to panel, even with the changes in camera pitch. The constant yaw and zoom seems a bit bland for a fight scene, but I’m not sure how much you can mess with it in a comic. …Maybe if it ever gets made into a movie.

Kleya’s motions are jerky and hard to follow, but I figure that’s deliberate to show that she’s really not planning her motions at all. Kleya needs to take an Aikido class, she’s dodging ~all wrong.~


Well we don’t dodge so much as block, grab the offending appendage and do whatever it takes to give back the pain, OR DUCK under the attack and hit him where it hurts.


I think the ALERT is more of a spidey-sense than Kleya foreseeing anything.


Kleya is neither a Spider nor a clairvoyant. She hacks (passively).
(please don’t make me compare her to anything like Spiderman *ugh*)


G**, do you know how much of an annoying cliche “my spidy sense is tingling” is these days.

Alex Star

Enjoying this comic a bunch keep it going!


Acrobatics is the closest option to ballet, eh? Looks like Danni threw some martial arts in there, too.

Well, I can’t blame her for trying to win.

Has Kleya not had time to use Nice yet, or is she being indecisive?

Squire James

There was no banter, and Danni is probably over twice as fast as Mr. Clumsy. So it’s likely still No Special time. Danni likely doesn’t know the specifics of Kleya’s current special, but she DOES know they’re all very lethal! So I’m sure “beat her in first 20 seconds” figures heavily into her strategy…


Wait! Isn’t there a 20 second Special Blackout in the Quarter Finals? The Announcer didn’t mention anything this time…

Walter Luís

I’ve been checking this comic for a while, and I noticed your art is getting better and better. The moves at this page were impressive, I can really feel the action at there.. O.O

congratulations! 😀


I like the shading style in the last panel of the vote incentive best!


So do I


I wonder how much warning the alerts give her and how specific it is. If it’s just like, the delay between them giving a command and it being carried out it would be not much of a warning, but enough to let you get out of the way I suppose.

Squire James

Kleya probably has something like “alert me if a dangerous attack approaches” going on. She probably didn’t expect Danni to trip the alert almost immediately. It’s clear Danni’s in it to win it – which will serve her well when voting time comes. Kleya’s attacks are pretty boring, so she needs to win to get in.

If Kleya really cares about Danni, she will allow it to get close and then win. Fans are probably impressed by “she got close, unlike all those other people!”


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