I’m disappointed she looks down on Danni’s move that way.
Kleya, of all people, should know that not underestimate based on looks.
Balance and movement are at the base of any matial art (one of the reasons they call it ‘art’, they even have directed performances, just for the looks).


I don’t think she’s underestimating the move since that would imply that she assumes it will be ineffective. Instead, I think she’s just genuinely curious about how the heck this will result in damage as I think most people would be.

Also ‘art’ does not imply balance or movement. Presumably one can express oneself using the application of only physical power. What matters is that it evokes emotion and aesthetics.


Without the special, Danni would so win even if Kleya wasn’t going to let her.


Kleya, you of all people shouldn’t underestimate anyone.


A hero doesn’t sacrifice needlessly and sacrifice means different things depending on what is available to be given up. In this case, losing on purpose would merely mean that Kleya is satisfying her own ego by being a ‘hero’. Not very heroic. But then, I don’t know what she thinks being a hero means, so she will come to a different conclusion, if only to justify her actions.

Hm… maybe it’s not an attack. Not in the classic sense, anyway. If a fight goes on long enough, it’s settled by votes, right? Time for them both to appeal directly to their fans. Don’t bother attacking one another, just go for style. 😉 Kleya can even bring up her Special. Danni can ignore it and do her dance routine, and see if she can get the fans to vote for her. Kleya can make a speech to the viewers about how sick the whole system is, or just look stoic. If I understand correctly, both of them are eligible… Read more »

There’s 6 players remaining at this point, the winner of this match is guaranteed entrance into the Game. The loser of this match and the loser of the other match going on in the loser’s bracket right now will have a vote done to determine which of them gets in.


I hope Danni is aware of Kleya’s Special and the way it works. That would make the fight much more interesting. This is going to be a challenge for both of them ^_^

Thank you for your work, Aneeka!


I’ve been loving the shadows on Kleya when she broods.

Squire James

Well, the smartest thing for both of them at the moment would be for them to have a more-or-less honest fight designed to entertain fans. Of course, maybe both of them’s decided to throw the match to the other, and they’ll do something hilarious enough to get one of them “elected” into the win and the other “elected” into the 5th spot.

Lady of the Aspen Groves
Lady of the Aspen Groves

That dance looks like fun, I espeshally love the “hop, hop, hop”! So, I guess the real question isn’t to sacrifice or not to sacrifice. It’s about what Kayla wants to win the most. He bet with herself: ie. I can be a Hero. Or the game. Because after all winning is the addiction for her. But I have every confidence that what she choses will be n/a by the next screen shot as these choices seem to always be either taen from her or changed before she actually has to make the choice.


I… I think I had a dream about Not a Villain.


I really am wondering about what will happen, but i have a slight feeling that there would be an draw, or Kleya would win, doubting on Kleya’s loss. And congratulations on the first spot on the http://topwebcomics.com/ Aneeka! Really love your web comic! <3

Tim C

Score. First place, where it belongs.

Congratulations, Aneeka!


I expect a giant spinning Kick that makes a large dragon fly behind it along with some butterflys and they all have smiley faces… while kleya is set on fire with the speed and power of the kick.. THAT my good friend as the power of a ballet twirl…(xD i HAD to say that im sorry)