Maybe I was too fast, but the vote incentive wasn’t updated yet…

Anyway, we already knew TENka was corrupt… at least it looks like the Bandit doesn’t like its regime :).


Congrats to those who put votes in on this being Xanatov Speed Chess.

Tim C

I wonder what his aim is. He’s put Kleya in a situation where she cannot possibly win. I don’t think he’s doing it just for kicks, either… though, given that he brought The Bandit in to watch, he might.

If I had to guess, I’d say he’s trying to force Kleya to hack the votes at the end to get Danni (or herself) in anyway. He’s counting on the person he thinks Kleya is (whom she is, of course) being so obsessed with not losing that she’ll cheat to get out of this web, no matter how blatant.


Everyone is cheating in this world, Kat cheats, most of the time just passive by “scanning” her opponents, and the bandit and tenka, well they are villains, I guess they have to.

It’s rather hard for me to understand why it’s such a great thing for them that kat has to fight against Danny. Then again, the did spend some time on her with the twins “killing” her partners, so I guess there is more about her as well.


Never realized before how caveman-like Dr. Grace’s style is!


<3 Dr. Grace. He has the right outlook on things. Look at his and the Bandit's expressions in the second and third to last panels. They look so happy. If you're going to be obviously villainous, you might as well have a good time.


So, another all-villains strip? It’s always interesting to see things from the villains’ perspective. That one of the things I like most about this comic- you throw in things like that once in a while.
Also, I really enjoyed the vote incentive. It was really funny.


heh small chair


I can totally see Bandit helping out Kleya in some way once they’re in the Game proper, he doesn’t seem to hold high regard for how Tenka’s acting.

Fire Hazard

“Now let’s watch this Kat user SQUIRM.”

I’m going to throw my chips in as psychological analysis of a potential TENka recruit, mixed in with some good old-fashioned Evil Guy Sociopathy. Maybe a hint of The Plot Thickens, for good measure.


Do you not have a forum set up for this yet? Or am I just missing it. Sorry, I am probably just not as observant as I think I am haha


Could the Bandit be a misunderstood anti-villain? .. SQUEE HE JUST GOT SO MUCH HOTTER!!


Considering The Bandit said “she was supposed to be dead” and looked rather mad in that one panel back then that she’s alive [forget which one] I don’t really think hes secretly an anti-villian.

…But who knows? I could be wrong. 😛
Speaking of Xanatos, I was watching disc 1 of Gargoyles just a bit ago. XD


True. Maybe he’s just mad that Kleya is getting all the attention.