‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 120


The Dude just forfeited his match against his partner, the Bandit. He'd have angered way too many fans if he had accidentally won.

Also, I hereby declare that in this universe, quarter-finals means third match to the Finals, regardless of how many matches are involved 😛


Stomme Poes gave me THREE fan art! Yay! They feature Sandra, the Angus Twins, and Danni. Check them out here (scroll to the bottom).


As for the vote incentive, Mary's dolls get to speak! lol!

Thanks to all who have been voting for me, btw! I really, really appreciate every vote!


That was to be expected… I just hoped it would happen at a later stage, so they both could get into the game…

Ofcourse we can still expect any kind of plot twist.
Maybe Kleya will be heroic again and let Danni win, and than somehow she gets voted back in because of her noble actions…



What a place to hit a dead end at….

Can’t wait~ dying to see how this goes~


The DUDE? He should have lost for that name alone.

Tim C

Wait WHAT?!

They don’t want to have a fight for the fifth place slot, and instead have a vote?


This seems all too perfect to be a coincidence. It seems like Kleya must be getting set up, but then again, there’s no way that anyone could have predicted with certainty:
1. Kleya losing to the Bandit
2. Superbug attempting to hack the fights
3. Danni winning every fight up to Bloody Mary

…Most likely, it’s unhappy coincidence. Either that, or Dr. Grace is a master at Xanatos Speed Chess.


“no one predicted: Kleya losing to the Bandit” – didn’t lose, was “voted out” after hack – easy to set that up by rigging the vote if needed.


“Danni winning”

First 2 mean that the hacker would be part of set up. Danni winning is easy, simply use poor opponents.

Tim C

Yeah, you’re right, then. This ~could~ all have been arranged. The fact that fifth place is determined by a vote takes it completely out of Kleya’s power to affect it without hacking. This is looking more and more like a very clever trap.


Xantos speed cchess is my favorite game. Love the plot of this webcomic. I hope it continues.

It might not be this Bloody Mary or whomever. If Tenka has the special’s code, then it could be given to anyone for use. If Kleya loses to Danni, does Danni lose the support she had through the Kleya’s sponsor? We’ll find out what Kleya truly thinks being a hero means. Sometimes they have to make the hard decisions for the greater good and sacrifice a person or two along the way. She had better not forfeit though, that might be worse than losing fair and square because the fans might abandon or even turn against Danni out of spite.… Read more »
Tim C

I actually think it’s more likely that Danni would be pressured to forfeit than that Kleya would. Danni leaves communication open, allowing Kleya’s fans to talk to her.


She may have disabled it for the tournament. Too much noise makes one big distraction.


Oh noes! Complications! Kleya’s character will be strained and tested! Yey!


Wow, the art in this comic is getting better all the time, and the story is just hooking me. I come back every day to check for updates even though I know it only updates Tuesdays and Fridays. I feel bad for Kleya when things don’t go well for her, and the characters are very realistic. I also like the portrayals of hacking- which are very dissimilar from real hacking but are cool nonetheless. So, here’s some fanart for you. http://corneille-crow.deviantart.com/#/d4n2v6a


it just seems to me that by the end of this arc all h*** is goin to be loose and guess what…..I CANT WAIT!!


well, it’s going to be hard for her not to hack this one


What’s the point of having “partners” in this if they don’t fight together and can come up against each other? What makes them partners?