Fireball huh? Just like Kleya said, it drains from more crutial stats like health, so girl just got owned.


Bwam, insta-kill.

I do hope this is not a endurence tournament, and that HP gets refilled every match.


If that were not the case, the fireball would’ve taken her out. She said the Knight could 2-shot her, which means she has 60 health or less when halves. If the 32 from before stacked with the 49 from now, it’d be game over.


he needed 2 solid hits he only got a push in and that only did 24 dmg and then 8 for her hitting the ground. she most likely have more life and if you look at her battle with bandit she had 136HP. if she has half now its 68.


Knight never hit her with the sword, it was only a body-slam.
If a body-slam can do 32, a sword hit would probably do 60+ damage.


more proof that she knows exactly how much damage is comming her way


Kleya’s special seems pretty handy. I mean, enemy always takes double the damage you do. Still though, I wonder how she’d do against an enemy with more than twice her hp. Hopefully we’ll see that in this tournament?


So Kleya’s special takes the damage she’s recieved and double’s it on the opposing player? Seems a little over-powered, but I guess the defense to this is either have a one-hit kill move or perform a weak attack first so the double damage effect is not as harmful. The latter option is based around the theory that Kleya’s special can only be used once per match.


OOH interesting! The special deals double the damage she takes. Also, just recently found the comic and I love it!


so it does 2x the amount of HP she’s missing?


A cool special. Sadly though it is fairly easy to figure out, and you just know that bandit is going to be watching (or have someone else fill him in) on her fights, so he’ll know what to expect by the time he fights her. Hopefully there is more to the special than just ‘returns 2x damage’ or I have a feeling she’ll be in serious trouble.


Hm… I think that 49 damage specifically may have been a crucial part of Kleya’s strategy. It sounds like she has around 50HP, so that’s an oddly convenient number to stop on — it makes me think that a one-hit KO is impossible under normal circumstances, which makes Nice almost fool-proof.

How counterable Nice is will be seen shortly, I’m sure. The possibility I expect the most is that a cautious opponent will figure it out, then split their damage between two attacks, one weak enough to not kill them via Nice’s counterattack and the second to finish off Kleya.


I think it’s more complicated than that. I suspect that “Be Nice” is a pacifist special. It doesn’t just double and return the damage done against her. It doubles and returns all damage done. That’s why she has not tried a single attack.


…YEA that tracks. it explains why Be Nice has 2 hammers


Ah, so her special was defensive in nature. It reflected any damage she took.



Doesn’t reflect, reflect would imply blocking the damage from hitting her, then sending the attack back to the person who used it. This seems more like a “you hit me, it hit’s you twice as hard instantly” type of thing.


Ah. Yeah, reflect isn’t the right word. More like a duplicate and return action…


it’s more like hindu karma of possibly witches karma i think. though in this case the damage returned is only twofold rather than threefold like karma and tenfold like witches karma. it might possibly have other karmic applications. such as putting a band aid on her enemy and therefore healing herself completely.


Yes, but she only took 8 impact damage from that knight, and he got hit for 32 twice.
I think her fans are going to be jumping to as many conclusions about Nice as we are. :))
We’ll find out eventually.

Tim C

The knight’s attack (that caused her to fall) dealt 24, for 32 total. It’s red text against an orange background, but look closely.


he also hit her for 8 24+8=32 so he took 64 total as backlash


Oops, guess I was wrong. I never noticed the -24 from the -actual- impact damage since it wasn’t high enough contrast colored. >_> *blind*


Would the counter initiate if someone one-shotted her? Can a special remain active after its user has been defeated?


Lovely though it may be that everyone appears to be convinced that ME is down, the previous page had people commenting that this char might be focusing HP. If that is the case, ME might well still be standing. Just a thought.

Tim C

I don’t think that Nice just does HP damage. The second -49 being a different color would imply that it’s attacking another stat, I think.


I kind of doubt that. ME seems to be using a mage archetype. That usually means low physical and high mental/magic. Also, she took in more damage than the previous guy and so there is an even greater chance that she has been knocked out in one hit.


Ya! My theory was correct.

A pacifist Special… I can think of a way to counter that… Also, if the Fireball ‘spell’ had taken health from the caster kleya would have been hit for that too. So It’s safe to assume only damage done to Kleya is doubled and returned… Of course the ‘spell’ may have just taken away some stats instead so nothing would occur damage wise. But in either case Kleya would win anyway… Now for my Counter trick, the first step would be to let the special activate. Assuming that a Special requires a price to perform the first step is to… Read more »

i don’t think the fireball does dmg to Morgana but just drains her hp stat or something, since there was no -xx when she used it. or happy only counters when your hands hands up, in that chase it will properly self-destruct or attack Kleya next page.

and for you counter trick.
it would most likely end in a popularity contest like Kleya and bandits battle.

A better way would properly be try pinching yourself and see if Kleya gets hit by her own special. or like Anonymous said: a weak attack first and see if the special ends.


Unless someone damaging themselves doesn’t trigger. From the apparent theme of it, it should only respond to aggressive action. Of course, the fact that the last guy took her fall damage too might mean I’m completely wrong. Also, a staring contest is an amusing idea.


“See, that’s how a Special is supposed to-”

Laughing so hard at that right now.


A counter I can see to this is if the opponent casts a Shield spell, or a damage reducing ability before attacking Kleya. Unless of course the Special ignores things like that.


I’m really doubting that it’s just straight double damage, I’m betting that it’s also hitting below the belt. That is, stat drain on a vital but non-combat stat. Like Willpower.

After all, it’s already been proven that The Game can force you to feel a certain way (Happiness special anyone?) so how about making someone so depressed that they just give up?

Squire James
My original theory is that the Special took off stat points from the thing most responsible for dealing the damage, and that losing all points in any stat means defeat (as demonstrated by her other Special). Now I’m not so sure. That second damage bubble might be discolored because it is a blow that finishes the opponent off. If that mage just took 98 points of damage on top of whatever she gave up to fuel her special, that would certainly do the trick! What I AM sure of is that Kleya put a load of “build points” into HP,… Read more »

I think that it is possible that Nice drains some damage dealing stat for Kleya, but it is clear that losing all of a stat does not mean defeat. Bandits special was specifically designed to drain away his sight stat, after all, and Hero Smiley pumped points into happiness, it didn’t drain anything away.


so be nice pays back double the damage Kat v8 takes clever as long as she survives getting hit w her opponents attacks she can PWN them