So… it just did twice the damage to Kleya’s opponent as she took? Did it hit her as well? I see two “-32” notes there in the last panel. Or maybe it takes 32 hit points itself, which is why Kleya only has half her HP?


She has half HP because the tournament rules is that your HP is halved -_-


The -32 is the -24 she took from his body-slam, plus (+)the -8 she received on her fall totaling to -32 and thus, the “special” gives HIM -32 damage in retaliation, which is obviously what it was meant for

But, this might not be as advantagious to her in this case; the “dumb”-brute, as slow in both physical (and mental respects) would have a higher health count then her, even when halfed, it started out high before. She may not have as much health as he does either way.

Fire Hazard

Well my lengthy post was off by a considerable margin, and you were all right. Hope you feel happy now!


Ah, a counter-attacking special. Clever!


Yup, counterattack.

Though I’ll note that if she was in a situation where one hit would finish her off, it wouldn’t help that much.


-8 for impact? That’s quite a lot or her endurance is not very high (or whichever stat governs how damage is dealt). Does any impact generate damage or does it have to be of particular force?

Fire Hazard

So far, every fight where a contestant “fell” (as opposed to landing), they’ve taken damage from it. I think.


I’m guessing that thing would not discriminate against Kleya if she was the one doing the attacking.


24 + 8 is 32. Looks like the special counter attacked with double the damage, – 32 points per each of its hammers. AWESOME. It wouldn’t work very well against an opponent with weak attacks though, especially if it could only be used once.


Hmm… I was wrong, her attack didn’t match ‘flail’ but ‘bide’ instead. (wait for damage, then deal double damage).
A solid but risky attack, I wonder if her other specials (especially the one we don’t know about) she was complaining about not having complement it?
From what she was saying about his stats earlier, it seems he went purely into strength/attack stats and nothing else, so attack = medium-high , everything else = low. (I assume that game trial players aren’t that high level in experience and stats)

Fire Hazard

Danni and Kleya had an argument back in Strip 31, where Kleya didn’t want to use What’s-her-face’s avatar (panel two, I’m referring to). Danni claimed that Kleya could “never get it approved and MAXED to level 10 by [The Deathmatch]. I’d assume that, since the Deathmatch wasn’t even the contest to get into the Game, but rather the contest to get into the contest to get into the Game, Level 10 is nothing, and that this warrior who just got 2-shotted by Nice is therefore at that level.


We saw her doing the concept art for this back on page 76.


Oh my g***, that vote incentive was brilliant. Anyone who doesn’t go look at it is missing out. I’m really excited for the fight scene!


I think the Pink Number is something else, since damage seems to be red. Emotion Attack maybe?


Indeed, that is what I am wondering too, perhaps “Nice” does an equal amount of Damage back (Like most of us expect) but also an equal amount of Stat damage?

if that pink -32 is to his strength or something he’s about to fall over because he won’t be able to support his own weight.

Squire James

If that second damage bonus was to anything but his strength or weapon skill, he’s probably going down from a stat falling below 0. If it was one of those, she can probably dismiss the Special and pummel him to 0 HP.


Yea do what the giant head says. “Be nice!”