Tim C

His speed must be quite low, if it takes him 20 seconds to whiff a single attack. XD


Fire Hazard

Bam! Let’s pop some specials in this club! Looking forward to seeing our protagonist finally win a fight.

Techno Gray

Did I miss why Kleya’s HP is halved?

On a side note, how do you say her name? Is it clay-uh?


I love the part when Kleya dodges the attack and her look when preparing the Special :3
Yay NaV comic 😀


There’s a time limit on these matches, right? Unless you defeat your opponent within a certain length of time, the fans vote on who actually wins?


Wow, he seems to be pretty pathetic. In a sad kind of way.

Looking at his expression as Kleya checks his stats, he seemed really…sad…for some reason. He must have been really hoping to win.


He did look sad… but his eyes changed in the last panel (accompanied by a “BEEP!”) So now I wonder if he’s about to metamorphose into something completely different.


Probably not, the “BEEP!” was last seen before Bandit used his Special against Kleya, which suggests that it’s the alarm that sounds when the blackout ends. His eye change looks more like fear. The realization that “Kat V8” has a special puts him in a very bad position.


The beep was the “you can use specials now” indicator. But yeah, looks sad or frightened or something. Kinda surprised he got this far with the “I crush you now” build.


That’s a short 20 seconds.


Kleya does a fantastic ‘yikes!’ expression.

Also where does Kleya have her points? Is it all dumped in 3 or 4 amazing kinds of specials? It seems like it would be a good idea to have *something* else in case plan A fails or – i donno – there’s a 20 second specials timeout period.


This knight seems to be even les competent than Scorpo.


Yeah. Since he was clearly going at the speed of a bullet in Matrix-slow mo(if that fast, lol), it makes you wonder why Kleya didn’t just clock him on the head as he went past…Or at least push him to the ground. Not that her specials aren’t good. But seriously, just stick out a leg and he goes crashing down in a heap, lol.


Now we get to a fight.

Squire James

This is the loser’s bracket, second round. Knight Dude lost his first match, and seems likely to lose again. I guess he was hoping his “weapon skill” would score a cheap hit or two and win fast. Not a bad strategy against someone who can obviously one-hit KO with her Special.