‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 112


It's a good thing one can lose once and still stay in or Kleya may have had a much harder time resisting 'interfering'.


Alas, no incentive this time around. I've been sick, sick, sick. The page is up at least! And you can always vote if you like my comic and want to be niceΒ  πŸ™‚

Seros Senric

Why do I get the feeling that you are going to be mean and have Kleya and Danni fight?

Something that is unrelated to the comic, but I feel like mentioning, is I made a small game in HTML5 Canvas and Javascript and if you complete it you get to see a Christmas thing.
If anyone wants to see it you should be able to click on my name to get it.


I’m getting the same feeling as well. Danni would have won her match (since Superbug would have been disqualified), but she’ll still probably loose.

It will be interesting to see which of Kleya’s specials (her’s or Danni’s) is better when they meet up.

Tim C

I like with you did with the shading here. The artwork looks more “3D.”


Isn’t it great! I think the second panel and the close up of Kleya’s eye look the best.


Someone’s angry. Oh I can’t wait to see how she releases he anger. Great job on the comic so far.


I vote for the blobs! We love them even when they aren’t blobbing up the place!


NO O.O THIS CANT BE HAPPENING but still what a twist in the comic.. just beacuse of the dissconection.. now im sucpicious if it was planned for her to lose like that..or somthing of a sort. now i just worry for Danni.. Also i hope you feel better soon ^_^ GWS


So these matches just happen one after another? What happens if something IRL occurs or the person is scheduled to be somewhere else and isn’t available for the whole tournament? Is it give it your all or go home? Forfeit?
On another note, an individual placing their faith in people is bound for disappointment. Unless they know how to work the masses, no group follows an individuals desires.

Tim C

I think, given how “srs bzns!!!” The Game is, with so much money involved, people are probably expected to keep their schedule clear for it – and forfeit if an emergency comes up and they have to leave.

If it’s not important enough to forfeit over, it probably wasn’t an emergency to begin with.


I think it’s good Kleya’s okay with sometimes losing. Just like (rationalist!)Professor Quirrel said, it’s important to be able to lose, or at least pretend to lose. Why couldn’t they just do their match the way they would have and pretend nothing happened? I kind of miss the old bobble-head Kleya. The glowing grid looks cool. I can’t think of anything else to say. I’m so tired. Great job!


It was rigged from the start…



This comic is getting more popular by each page. Though it’s sure to reach the top , please, don’t change your art and storyline because of the fame.

Back to the comic! I am eager to find what happens next. Those Bandit fans are crazy. Oh well , I prefer it this way. Maybe now Kleya will save kicking his butt for later. >:D

To the top of Loserville , Kleya! ^-^


I have to say, I absolutely love the shading here. It makes everything look more “3D” as another commenter said.

And I can’t wait to see how Kleya deals with this- she is Not Happy. One of the things I love about this comic is that it shows the path to redemption isn’t easy. Like, not only are there outside influences to stop you, but you have to deal with yourself as well.


Pshh, The bandit just got lucky. Kleya didnt have to humilliate him again thats all.

Fire Hazard

Ten internet cookies says that luck has NOTHING to do with this turn of events. This was most likely planned by the Doctor and his team when they learned that Bandit and Kat were fighting in the first round. TENka (or at least Grace) wants both of them in the Game.


Thanks for the page, and get the rest that you need to get well! That’s incentive enough for us to vote, imo πŸ™‚

I hate how biased the game’s setup is… looks like Kleya’s really gonna have to earn all her lightside points the hard way. I hope she can keep it up!


On the plus side, Kleya is going to dominate the losers grid.

It hadn’t occurred to me that the incident was deliberately engineered to make sure Bandit won, but it does make sense and it isn’t really that far-fetched to believe that TENma would pull something like that. Bandit’s their boy, and Kleya’s way too much of a wild card… they were likely justifiably worried that she’d pull out some legal but totally out of left field maneuver and pull off another win. Now it COULD be a legit hack, but I have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this is TENma’s way of stacking the deck in… Read more »

I believe she is forgetting that a team of VILLAINS is what this is to replace. So she still won’t be a hero!