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*cue dramatic music*


Random info: the headset gear usually uses a fancy helmet that wraps around your eyes and ears and a special pair of gloves. The helmet allows you to feel like you're in your own private, high-tech movie theater while the gloves allow you to interact with what you see and hear, relying heavily on certain flicks and gestures.

There are several versions of the headset gear, all called different names depending on the company who made/designed them, and it was a major step toward interacting with a virtual environment. It's one of the most common ways for people to access L.i.F.e. and, despite its many limitations, is a lot better than just a keyboard/mouse.

Most people, however, would prefer to use TENka's invention which blows everything else out of the water, but the story will get to that later 🙂


The blobs are back! And I've got a fun idea for a vote incentive, but alas, it's going to be late since I ran out of time before this update went live. Expect it in the evening instead, if not earlier.

EDIT: Incentive is now up! I re-did the dialogue for the whole page 😈


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New Zealand

Fire Hazard

Gasp! It’s the bearded Bandit groupie from page 68!


HAHA that was great! 😀 Server disconnected! I can’t wait for moooore~ You’re GREAT Aneeka~


If he says it’s Kleya I’m going to be SO freaking mad… lol, me getting so emotional over a comic. -_- Anyway, I’m pretty sure the hacker was that one guy from TenKa with the eye marks. I wouldn’t put it past them to have a scapegoat involved. grrr

Guest D

Did D disconnect the servers or did something else happen? And who was the hacker? Kleya didn’t hack… but what if they noticed the AI and thought it was the hacker’s, which would connect to Kleya, leading to alot of problems…. But then again, they may have caught someone else….. Maybe?

Trying to hang on to some hope that it wasn’t Kleya…

BTW, great story so far! ^^ Looking forward to more updates!


“Her name is Kleya Smith and she will face the consequences. We are now ending this webcomic on a downer note. Forever.” Just kidding. So will they finger the hacker as the one who attacked Kleya’s partner or just say that they are hunting them down and their rogue AI, who happens to be D?


Dun dun DUUUUN! I wonder what caused this? Was it that weird creature I think Kleya summoned or is this a random hacker-

Wait. What did they say? Solar Flare? Atmosphere go out? What exactly happened in this world? 0_o


Well…I do believe this qualifies as “overdoing it” D. Far mor then overdoing it. I wonder who the hacker is…


I feel like I should give a Mythbusters quote about overdoing it but…ah what the heck. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing”.
Still, this should prove to be something incredibly dangerous to the TENka team and, of course, Kleya.


Hmm, I suppose this diversion serves no real point of Kleya isn’t going to be called out here, yet at the same time I get the feeling the point of the dragon-thing was that Kleya wasn’t controlling it herself…

Somehow, I want to guess that Kleya will be called out, but the TENka goons trying to find her don’t actually have proof that she did anything.


Wonder who gets pegged as the hacker? Hopefully Bandit.


Doubtful. Bandit is TENka’s little project. They would want to avoid pointing the finger at one of their own.


Whoa. Earthquakes, solar flare, atmosphere “going out”…. We’ve seen notices indicating that hackers are being blamed for whatever happened in the Real World, but I’m not seeing how a hacker could have been responsible for any of these.

Much as I like Kleya’s current adventures, I have to admit it’s the back-story that has me the most intrigued. 😉


I doubt hackers can cause any of those things. None of the blobs mentioned a hacker, they were just speculating what caused the server shutdown. An earthquake would definitely cause problems with servers. We know a hacker did it (and they do at the end) but until they learn that, they’ll think of the obvious reasons for a server shutdown (especially since hackers are not allowed and therefore should not exist anymore).


Wait– why is Kleya still in her “Game” avatar, while Mina is in her L.i.F.e. avatar?


Probably because that’s the form she was in when the system went down. Mina doesn’t have a separate avatar, so she’d be in her regular one.


Bummer that D didn’t bring down the servers completely. Then we would have had a chance to see the real world.

Fire Hazard

Maybe TENka will shut down the servers while they run the hacker’s IP? That sounds like a thing that you do for hackers. I don’t actually know anything about hacker prevention.

Tim C
Note: The following “Well, realistically” assumes that computers then and computers now haven’t changed too dramatically. In order to get the hacker’s IP Address, you have to have an active connection to them. Most servers log the IPs of all active connections, so that hacker investigation can be done after the fact. Once you have the IP address, it’s just a matter of looking up the location in the database (getting more detail than what city they’re in takes a warrant, though). Given that this wasn’t a DDoS attack (which are easy to trace if the logging program doesn’t break),… Read more »

I have a sinking feeling this isn’t good news for Kleya…


It’d be too disruptive for the storyline for Kleya to get fingered then to have it retracted (and outright impossible it gets bad ending unless the author wants to quit). It’s someone else.


But yes, even if its someone else, they’re probably getting slowly closer to finding out about her…. : (


Indeed. It probably is someone else, but they’ll be testing Kleya’s reaction to the announcement. She’ll visibly freak, even if only a little bit.


I am now worried for Danni.. they might be targeting her as bait now..d***** i dont usualy get bothered over comics but this one has me hanging on the edge…Great one all the same..


If I had to guess, I think Danni is getting pinned as the hacker; it could be another attempt to bait Kleya.


Ninja’d 🙂


I second that SweetSylvia. I feel like they might blame Kleya to get her out of the way. I’m not sure, but I still feel like they’re a little suspicious of her >_>


The incentive is AWESOME! I don’t know why the whole blob side story is funny, but it strikes my funny bone in just the right way. It feels a little like the body snatchers. Watch out, the blobs will get you!


I think they will either blame Danni or the person that was trying to hack in the first place. Does anyone agree?

Seros Senric
I feel like mentioning that when we first saw D, I assumed it was an official AI that was designed to protect L.i.F.E. from hackers. Primarily because if hackers were as big a threat as it is implied, then you’d want to be watching for them all the time. Now, it isn’t practical to have humans watching everywhere at once (not only because a lot of hacking IRL happens either too quickly or too slowly to notice easily without automated software) so making an AI to watch everything is something that makes sense and is in effect what I would… Read more »
Maybe “they” will sacrifice Bandit at this point by fingering him as the hacker. (I don’t think he really is the hacker– I think Kleya would have noticed.) That would give him a serious grudge against Kleya and he’d then spend a lot of time trying to investigate her, which would serve TENka (and whoever else is behind the scenes) quite nicely. On the other hand, if Kleya knows Bandit wasn’t the hacker, she might feel compelled to say so, but that could be tricky, as her “hacking sense” is probably very unusual and possibly illegal. Hm. I just thought… Read more »

Haha…I like it! Then the Bandit would be sacrificed by the user of Sasuke in his attempt to find the person he’s looking for(as you said, presumably Kleya). Ah the speculation.

Tim C
That’s carrying the Wild Mass Guessing a little far, isn’t it? There’s nothing in the comic so far to even suggest that Kleya is the one Saisuke is looking for. Or that Saisuke is a hacker. And even if she was and he is, then for him to be masquerading as The Bandit and preparing for the game trials in effort to find her, for longer than “Kleya Smith” has existed in L.i.F.e is a stretch and a half. I mean, yeah, a big scene was made of his introduction and he’s on the character page, so he’s going to… Read more »

Two words. ‘In’ and ‘triuge’


Here is a bit more randomness about that head gear your talking about. if you go to the site, http://www.vrealities.com they actually sell that kind of stuff that you can really connect to your computer systems here and now. The tech is actually here, now, current and works.


It would be a little too heroic of Kleya to save the Bandit considering he IS a cheater after all, he did try to cheat against her earlier.