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Three Words: Totally Worth It


Hmmm… I find that woman suspicious. But then, I’m suspicious of everything and everyone, so that doesn’t mean much. But still- suspicious!


Linked here from another fav webcomic and ended up staying and reading ALL of them. 🙂

Don’t usually comment, but you deserve a Kudo. Great comic.


Is this the next day, or several days in the future? Either way I see you still keeping the special Kleya made a secret. Or did she not make one?


wooo hoo game trials baby

What I would like to see is a character who turns Kleya’s ideas of hero and villain on their ears. Someone who will show that ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ are labels inflicted by other people and to willingly become a ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ is to enslave ourselves to the perception and opinion of others. But that’s just what I’d like to see. I notice you use wordpress and webcomic for the site. How is it for managing the site and the appearance of it? I have wordpress and comicpress for my comic, but I have been looking into other means of… Read more »

So she was controlling the upload bots? She must have influence.
PS Is that what they are called?

Tim C

Hey! Just found this a couple days ago off EGS – adspace well bought! Just finished reading through all the archives; I like it!

As for this one… it’s lucky for her sponsor that Kleya doesn’t allow subscribers. That’s not the kind of conversation that the fans would want to hear.


“By all means let us get things straight. You need me to break tenka’s monopoly in ‘the game’ I was perfectly fine bowing out. Just because I’m letting you do this doesn’t mean you own so BACK OFF”!

It’s so close to the tip of her tongue I can practically see it.
Good thing she’s one of those diplomatic heroes. :p


I found this comic from an ad on DNAdopts and I’m hooked! I read every current page in 45 minutes!

The idea is interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about the characters 😀