:3 Awwww. It’s about time we saw Keyla smile.


Bawwww Kleya is so cute when she’s happy ^_^
I love her reaction to being hugged. It’s okay Kleya, you deserve some loving too.
I think this scene is great because Kleya finally understand that she can be a hero though simple action. She just have to do the right think, take the first step. I hope we’ll see her smiling more often, it’s nice, gives me a fluffy feeling inside ๐Ÿ™‚

Seros Senric

And of course, of the ones that left, you probably wouldn’t want them as your fans anyway.

Love the hug and how Kleya seems to enter shock because of it ๐Ÿ˜›
And the slow realisation in the final two panels that she did something non-villainous ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmm… I declare that this webcomic requires more hugs. Because they are awesome.


That is really really sweet. Kleya’s face in panel three… and those last two panels are just… gah.

It makes me happy to see Kleya smile like that.


Wow, that was taken a lot better than I expected. 0.o


Is it really a sacrifice if she didn’t want them in the first place? What does it mean to be a hero to kleya? What does it mean to be a villain? Why is it so important? While its significance to Kleya will probably be explained in the story, what makes a hero/villain, might not.


I guess in a sense you could even question the heroism of these actions since they are in a virtual world. :/


Yeah, first lesson, standing up for someone is seen as beeing heroic, who would have guessed it could be so easy.


Panel 6, best drawing I’ve seen you do yet.


YESSS!! I was a little worried when Kleya got upset in the last page since I thought she might be disinclined to chase off trolls like that in the future. But with Mina encouraging her now, Kleya can be a troll slayer without regret!


I absolutely love Kleya’s expression in that last panel. That might be the first time I saw her looking happy now that I think about it.


i thought she was going to cuss her out, lol way to go Kleya


Nice job on drawing hair in this page!
This is an awesome story you are writing.


It’s the last line that really makes this comic for me.

Even in the midst of everything else, Mina is still being Mina.


That last panel makes me go Awwww. ๐Ÿ™‚


That is AWESOME, yay Kleya finally have something to feel good about, and yay Mina for not being an annoying twit.

This Guy

I started reading this some time ago, and I must say, I really like it. The story feels fresh and unique, and the characters have their own motivations and depth.

I originally wasn’t a fan of the art and almost skipped over this site entirely. I’m glad I didn’t, and I can see improvement. Keep up the awesome work.


I love Kleya’s face in the third and last panel! :3


Kleya just looks so happy in the last panel. It’s great. I will make a fan art just for the occasion of seeing Kleya smile.


Kleya smiling looks so beautiful. It almost brings me to tears seeing her so happy.


Wow. She smiled. I’m touched. Like, seriously.

Lizzy B

What’s the deal with the art. It looks like a 5 year old drew it. And the girl’s forehead on panel 1? It must be a foot high or taller. You could put a functioning radar tower in her skull and it would be hidden completely. I’m just wondering how you get people past the abhorrent drawing to continue to read. Cause I can’t. And I tried. But I can’t.


For me, it is the story line and the world.

Annaliese Lemmon

Just have to say, you must know some really talented five-year-olds, cause all the ones I know draw in blobs that are much more horribly proportioned.

I read for the story, because it’s excellent.


Normally, I don’t read webcomics unless the art is really good. But the story here is so fascinating that I am compelled to stay. And the art is not terrible, it is just awkward. Since presumably you started reading at the beginning of the story, you should have seen that the art is slowly improving. If the story doesn’t grab you enough to stay, you should just quietly leave – not post such hurtful statements.