James Smith

Some people just have no respect.

Maybe next time she could say something like: “If you don’t respect my friends, you don’t respect me!” OOOOOO-that’s a good line, I should remember that!


They don’t respect her. They don’t care about Kleya at all, they just want to see “omg teh awesum SPECIALS!!!!!!11111”


In the words of the mob… “Yeah but what have you done for ME. Today.”

James Smith

A job to do to “try” to make ends meet, a place to stay so she’s not out in the “street” as it were. You know so she can be ABLE to do ANYTHING in this game world, like go to the Fights and end up making a special that this hard to please crowd could decide is entertaining for them. No one ever remembers who build the rocket the astronauts used to go to the moon.

James Smith

Made certain what ENTERTAINS you, got that chance in the FIRST PLACE.


I really like the amount of emotion you managed to put in the two panels without text. Despite them not saying anything, you can just *see* how they are feeling and what they are thinking. Of course, the other panels are quite nice too, emotion wise. Those two just stuck out to me due to their silence. 🙂


They just left? Without complaining? Isn’t that some form of heresy on the internet?


For “reality” images you should just photograph people. That would be awesome! And it wouldn’t be too hard to get “actors” to pose for still shots.


Did you mean total loss in panel 7? That’s more the correct idiom at least from our time maybe the idiom changed in the future. 🙂 Just to satisfy my curiosity is the art style for Reality. Is the whole washed out thing where you can barely make out the details part of it or is that just because it’s a memory?

Fear the Swans

They’re just lucky to leave with their accounts still intact. Remember Kleya is a highly skilled hacker, presumably one with a price on their head. (Kleya’s avatar is female but we have only seen the hands of the user.)


Yes and no. The Bandit said “she was supposed to be dead,” most likely referring to the hacker behind Kleya’s last character, not the character itself, which suggests the user is female.


I know this isn’t the topic comment, but how often does the new page update? I love this comic so much <3


kleya, kleya u remind me so much of me. The only anger im good at showcasing is my anger lol


This truly is “the little webcomic that could”.

Hello! I just discovered this web comic. It’s really really good – most particularly the writing. Keep it up! As for the drawing, I can tell you are still learning but you have made significant progress since page 1. I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends. Also Kleya is quite possibly the girl of my dreams, I can identify with her so well. Is it possible that people can be simply *born* a villain? Or can they choose not to be? Also, what sort of a thing would make someone try to deny their very nature? I… Read more »

great read, thanks.