Charactership Side Story – 10

New Readers: We're finishing a side story that involved reader interaction. See here for details. The main story will resume Tues, March 13th.


And Annie reveals her L.i.F.e. appearance, wearing the generic female outfit. She'll get the color/outfit she wears in page 2 a little later.

I'm not sure exactly when/how to do Annie's side stories. She'll pop up as a background character in the main story but most of her interactions will be in side stories that run parallel to the main story. I could include them as bonus side stories found only in the dead-tree book versions or perhaps offer them as incentives for something (assuming I have enough time, of course). Anyone else have ideas?

Anyway, this wraps up the blob story as well as the daily updates. Book 2, which I'm super excited for, will start Tuesday and follow the normal Tues/Fri schedule. See you then!


And for the vote incentive, Annie discovers a consequence that comes with being a real character 😀

Oh! And you can find all the polls' results here.