Charactership Side Story – 08

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lol. So glad that was picked. Now all the fun scenes dancing in my head can come to life instead being swept under the rug with all the other cool, but impractical ideas (it's a rather frightening mound now).

And look! You get to see Reality! Blob version ๐Ÿ˜‰

Plus, we get a whole new character who needs a name (ie: the guy talking to her in Page 02)!ย  See poll to the right. If you pick the last one, please feel free to suggest a name instead. It'll be his L.i.F.e. name, not a Game name, so it has to sound like a plausible first name.


Hmm, I guess i was right, he really does look like a Julius Was reading yesterdays comment when I came across one which reminded me of a strip in another webcomic. [Elizabeth03/06/2012 @ 11:21 amReply It does make me wonder, though: how long ago was the Ending? In the โ€œAboutโ€ section you say that L.i.F.e. has been around for about 2 yearsโ€“ did it predate the Ending? If not, how did Outsiders learn about it? My real question is why Annie is showing up in L.i.F.e. for the first time two years after everyone else near her died. Iโ€™m imagining… Read more »

She needed something to do to keep her from going totally insane and to see if there were other people out there. What better way to do that than to mess around with electronics and seeing if the internet (or whatever) is still active?


Hmm. Zombie apocalypse… with most of the internet still up and google around to direct me to places of activity? H**** yeah! I can keep that stupid ‘contact with people’ thing and still have mah zombies! :3

that one guy

I voted for the last option “Please none of the above”, and I would like to suggest the name Gregory.


Johann! Or Vincent, if only to stick up for my son’s name. He’d make a great villain! (As I am sure you will one day learn. >:) )


He looks like a Julius to me. Also, DOOM is the best SFX I’ve seen in this comic so far.


Hmm, I realize it’s kind of similar to one of ‘The Game’s’ players; but he looks like a Sosuke to me. Maybe he meets her because she resembles somebody he knows in reality. If not that, maybe try ‘Zack.’ I think it’s fitting, plus you can say, “I’ve added characters from Annie to Zack.” ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ok, this is REALLY weirding me out. Every single time I have voted, it has been for the least popular category. Every. Single. Time.


It means you have an thought process independent from the many people who frequent and vote on this comic.

Jamey Sharp

His name is AEOFEL!

Oh, wrong character. Sorry.

Furia Firelander

I would like the name Elisedd, it is an old celtic name meaning Kind.


Voted Hendrick, because it’s an awesome name.


Was a bit confused there. Suddenly thought the blob character was going to be a guy all of the sudden.

Hendrick is very appropriate. It means ‘to rule his household’ and he’s definately bossy in that page isn’t he?


Yay reality! Even if it is just blob reality.

It looks like equal parts the Matrix and some super-geek’s computer room. Maybe this is just the computer area?


I’ve always been fond of the name Darien. *is shot*
I also like the name Luke. >.>


I chose the name John and was the 413th voter.
Homestuck reference~


Cool, a few hints about how people in Reality access L.i.F.e… including that maybe Annie hadn’t heard of it before the Ending.

The name of the male character could be used to give us a hint about which part of Reality he’s from… though of course, that’s his L.i.F.e. name, not necessarily his name in Reality. (Or do the terms of service require that they be the same? I assume Kleya is using a pseudonym– and IP spoofing or its equivalent– anyway.)


I think that Luke is a good name.


How about the name “Zayne”? It seems to fit into the standard names of a lot of the characters, plus its a cool name ^^


hey i voted for julius, it fits him perfectly


Of course ‘Evil Plan’ was picked. You pointed to a big shiny red button and told people not to push it and put up a giant sign reiterating that.


I think zack should be his name. Just because its simple and sounds like something that you’d call a guy


As a point, the suggestion was enough for a name choice. There really aren’t enough people names Julius.


Robert somehow has 22% at 41 votes…. win..?


I think Boyd is a cool name. Or Fred.
If it can be none of these, I’d say Hendrick.
What about the other girl in the back wearing purple? Doesn’t she get a back-story?
Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing reality!
Keep up the awesome work!