Charactership Side Story – 07

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Yay! Longish was picked! First time the option I had hoped for was chosen (yes, apparently I'm horrible at predictions). Now I can launch my evil plan! it's probably more devious than evil, but the latter sounds much cooler in a poll situation. And instead of hoping you'd pick the one I'd prefer (which obviously rarely happens), I thought I'd spell it out and then let you decide.

Over the weekend, as I was musing over story ideas for Annie, I came across Page 02 and had a spark of inspiration. Annie could be the girl in blue with the black braid! She could have just recently entered L.i.F.e. and the boy next to her is helping her figure things out (no, they didn't know each other before meeting in L.i.F.e.). Her story would have a more "slice-of-life" pacing but it'd also be fun to have her witness some of Kleya's experiences as well, such as the opening library scene. And you'd get an extra character (the boy) to try to spot during the main storyline. A good plan, yes?

If you agree, pick "Evil Plan!" in the poll. If not, umm...perhaps you could pick the Braid so I could sneak this in anyway? 😉

Obligatory Disclaimer: Though I obviously have a preference, I can work with whatever is chosen.


And for the vote incentive, I re-scripted panel 1.



weird how you keep predicting wrong, i keep choosing the one that gets used. and really you made the option of miracle of course we are going to be evil against the poor blob girl.


Go go braid! they get so rarely used, and are a pain in the butt IRL so perfect for a virtual world where you don’t have to spend each day braiding it!

Seros Senric

I picked “Evil Plan!” before reading what it was… Oh well, I would most likely have voted for it anyway after reading it.


same here. Who wouldn’t vote “evil plan” after seeing it as an option?


What I mean to say is that only a dastardly villain would do so and there’s nobody like that here, nosiree.


Funny, I thought “Yeah, braid” before I read the text with the “evil plan”! 🙂 Although I’m wondering: Annie has no money, and the braid girl wears blue – isn’t colour very expensive in L.i.F.e.? Mina complains about it on Page 04.


I was going to pick braid anyway, but the Evil Plan sounds good to me! 😀

It does make me wonder, though: how long ago was the Ending? In the “About” section you say that L.i.F.e. has been around for about 2 years– did it predate the Ending? If not, how did Outsiders learn about it? My real question is why Annie is showing up in L.i.F.e. for the first time two years after everyone else near her died. I’m imagining a new Real Life character, Super Cable Repair Person, traveling the post-Ending countryside restoring internet service, then moving on… “That’s all right, miss, just doing my job.” I’m not sure how someone in a Miracle… Read more »

As for the internet, that’s easy — L.i.F.e. is really text-based and so works fine over dialup. The ‘pseudo-real-time’ graphics are just for the people who can afford the bandwidth, IE not Annie.


Dang. I was headed for a High ponytail, but I like the evil plan.


seems like you didn’t need to lay out your “evil” plan. i was going to pick braid too. 😀


Who knew that girl who nobody noticed could become a minor character! Like with Superbug, the guy who hacked Danni, he is first seen in page 46!
By the way, are we going to choose whether she is a bad/good person or is that already decided?


I first looked at the comic, decided I wanted the braid. Then I looked at today’s poll, the evil plan was tempting but it would be so for everyone else too.
So my maniacal plan became vote for my second favorite option (braids of course, schemes trump most things), just in case we’re lacking mad scientists and hackers here.

Then I read the blog post and saw I did it right. Scheme, scheme, scheme….


I hate that robot. It’s ugly as ****


Question: Are there still web service providers? Or is the ‘internet’ (do they still call it that?) something that can be accessed if you have the right equipment? Or is L.i.F.E. what the internet evolved into?


About the evil plan, wouldn’t that require a color and costume change, which Mina has told us is fairly expensive?


I voted for braid before I read about the Evil Plan. I just liked the braid, and it’s different than the other hairstyles we’ve seen so far.


After much deliberation, I went with braid. What I really want to see is a mash-up of the ‘evil plan’ and BZ2 (is that the username right?) delusional idea. I think it would be awesome if our first meeting with Annie is her waking up and logging on.

As a very close second to that, go with the evil plan. >:D