Charactership Side Story – 06

New Readers: We're currently doing a side story that involves reader interaction. See here for details. The main story will resume Tues, March 13th.


Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and ideas. After much thinking, I came up with several ambitions for Annie. But as I tried to separate them into vote-able scenarios, I realized I could actually do them all. lol. So, instead, we shall vote on hair length!

I like drawing hair and it also helps me to portray movement and emotion in a scene. But there are so many possible hairstyles! Argh!! So you're going to help me reduce the options and then tomorrow, you can vote on several different hairstyles that I'll draw up.  Yay!

Also, in case it's not clear, shortish hair is above the shoulders, longish can go beyond.


And alas, no incentive this time. My brain is fried 🙁