Charactership Side Story – 03

New Readers: We're currently doing a side story that involves reader interaction. See here for details. The main story will resume Tues, March 13th.


All right! With Annie now a potential Outsider, let's figure out her age! See the poll to the right to help her decide.

We probably don't really need her Reality age, but I'm following the route I usually use to design a character and I like knowing how old the character is first. It affects a bunch of latter choices, like whether she's married or not, has to worry about parents and/or kids, and what type of emotional and maturity level can she reasonably be at. Plus, it lets me know how many years of background I got to figure out!

Also, I should note that her Reality age won't dictate how she looks in L.i.F.e.   Most avatars tend to fall in the adult range, regardless of their Reality age. To have a child or elderly look requires money, too, since it must be custom-made.


Also, I got fan art! Yay!! Featuring Danni by Cloud and Kleya/Kat V8 by Osaaru. Find them here.


Remember: I update an hour later than the comic!

And for the vote incentive, Annie learns something shocking about being an Outsider! 😈



This is really getting exciting. I like how the bot is casually telling her that she fails XD I voted adult, I think I could see Annie as some sort of experienced hero, maybe someone Kleya could look up to. She doesn’t seems to have any role model right now, maybe that’s just what she needs. Also I’m so glad I got to see Nanea again, even if it’s just in a vote incentive. Beware of your choices Annie, Nanea got screwed big time XD Oh crap I still haven’t finished the little comic I wanted to send you. I’ll… Read more »

We already have a hero she looks up to- check the earlier comics. I’d say what she needs is a vilion- someone to activly tempt her and a clear example of what not to be.besides, you know what a hero without a vilion is right? A vilion waiting to happen.. Also, then the internal struggles become external as well, and she can learn the true path of heroism.. Or desend, one of the two.
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Man I shouldn’t read so many webcomics at the same time, I’m forgetting important stuff ^^. Thanks, I’ll re-read this comic, see what I missed. You’re right, having another character tempting her to use hacking more often and maybe to achieve les heroic goals would be interesting. This is fun, everyone exchanging ideas, creating a new character for the comic we love 🙂


I wonder how many people pick their own age group in a poll like this? Regardless, I do like the extra information we get through the character creation process. (Well, maybe not “extra,” but “pockets of safety that they cannot leave” is a little more descriptive than we’ve had so far.)


I picked Teenager even though I’m twenty.


This. It is hilarious. Especially after the very serious/emotional ending of the last chapter (loved it, by the way).


I’d say adult too. Hopefully someone emotionally stable?


I think it’d be interesting for Annie to be a child because children have an interesting view of the world and Annie sounds like a happy little kid’s name. Also, as far as I know, we haven’t seen anyone much younger than 12, but I could be forgetting something.
Blobs are adorable. I wonder if they have little blobby kitties. That would be cute. Once this mini-arc is done, will we ever see Annie again?

not a genestealer

I vote for a P.U.N.K.


I voted for Teenager, but I’m thinkin younger teenager, ie 14-16 range. ‘zat ok?

Also, I would love to see more of the ‘verse!


I picked Teenager, because the age range I see Annie at is about 18-22. I am thinking young adult because that is what my mind tells me to pick. It has no reason.