Charactership Side Story – 02

New Readers: We're currently doing a side story that involves reader interaction. See here for details. The main story will resume Tues, March 13th.

Annie begins her quest! Will she be an Outsider or a Citizen? Vote on the poll found on the right sidebar to help her decide!

I should probably note that the poll will close about 2 hours from my usual update time so I can frantically finish up the next page and set up the next poll for tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be late! lol.


And for the vote incentive, Annie makes a somewhat odd request instead...

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Lets go for Outsider, that way will open lots of interesting possibilities for her to make a living in LiFe (since citizens can’t make money in there).


Voted! Hehe, I really like this idea! Go, Annie!


What’s the difference? Pretty sure the difference between outsider and citizen matters =/


Hey, she’s already more than just a blob! She has a dark gray body but light gray head and hands! 😀 And an outline! None of the other blobs have outlines!


‘Wait here until noticed’? Sounds like a trick.


Outsider opens the possibility of her of her just getting into L.i.F.e and starting out trying to find a way to make money.

Either way seems to be attractive, but as an outsider more of the main characters would sympathies with her.


hmmm it will b interesting if she is a citizen like danni