Annie Intro – Pause 02


It's Annie Time!

The main NAV storyline is taking a break while I frantically get a buffer going. The next NAV section will be in Reality and that art style takes at least 3X as long as a normal page. I currently average about 0.8 Reality page a week, so even if I dropped to one page a week, I'd be unable to keep up. So, Annie break!

If you need to refresh your memory:

The first part of Annie's story

How Annie became a character


Yay, Annie’s back! I can’t wait to see how she got the outfit, though I do have some ideas. And by the way, I won’t mind if it takes a while to get a buffer and all. I’d read this comic if it updated twice a year! Even if every page was a cliffhanger!


Nooooooooo! You can’t leave it there! I only just started reading NAV and my first comic as an up-to-date reader is you taking a hiatus on an interesting bit?
Oh well, take what time you need to do the reality comics, because they really do come up awesome.

Aww, first off, Anne has totally been alive all this time! She’s been incorporated into the backstory. Also, she should be a bit bitter since Aneeka selfishly didn’t give the making of a new short story as a reasonable reward during the kickstarter, so we weren’t able to get it. 🙁 It wasn’t convenient back then but now that Aneeka is suddenly doing more life pages, she suddenly remembers dear old Anne. She’s using you Anne! Don’t keep jumping up and down at the scraps of attention she gives you like some lost puppy! Have some dignity. In addition, I… Read more »

Her name is Annie. And I don’t think it’s selfish. I mean, I’ve heard that shipping Kickstarter rewards is incredibly hard. Sorry if you meant that as a joke and I took it too seriously.

*sigh* It was a joke, yes. To spell it out, I was implying that Aneeka was ignoring Annie until she needed Annie’s help to take the pressure off while she creates the new Reality pages, and therefore Annie shouldn’t act so thrilled, since she it’s not like Aneeka is doing the story out of the goodness of her heart but out of a “selfish” desire to make sure we, the readers, can continue to have two updates a week despite her increased workload. I don’t actually believe that, Aneeka is putting an extra effort in to make sure the 2… Read more »

You DO realize that Aneeka has characters that are bouncing around in her head from stories that she never wrote down for whatever reason. So they have a personality outside their life persona. It’s why Aneeka often has non-cannon scenes where they act like.. actors when they’re backstage.

The in-cannon scenes she’s been in MIGHT have been 2 minutes long, and the best 2 minutes in the characters otherwise bleak existence since the ending.


Anne, where did you get the pocky? A desolate world and universe without any hope for happiness except for online, and she is the ONE girl who manages to find a hidden stash of pocky in the post-apocalyptic ruins?

What on Earth is she suicidal for?


She is suicidal for fun? It’s hard to imagine cheerful little Anne as suicidal :/


Well, you know how she said ‘I get to live again?’ Doesn’t that imply she wasn’t living when she was eating the Pocky stick? And therefore, she didn’t have to find the Pocky stick! It appeared out of cyberspace!
As for the suicidal thing… I have no idea.


In her character creation, she was decided to be the only survivor in the area, and, as such, was depressed and *suicidal* before she found the VR set. Her cheerful demeanor conflicts with her backstory. :/

Alexander The 1st

Ah, but you’re emphasising the wrong part of that statement – she was suicidal *before* she found the VR set.

And then she found the VR set. And…L.I.F.E. begins at that point for her, so…yeah. :p

I’m fairly certain what we’re seeing here is a “backstage” moment. The webcomic author & artist (or someone representing her) is talking with the actor named Annie, who existed before her character’s back story was even created. The actor didn’t live a “near-suicidal” existence in post-apocalyptic reality. Her character did. The actor was just a blob (like a movie extra) who was chosen and given a speaking role in the comic. (See the links in the description for more info.) When I saw “to live again” I understood it to mean the actor will get to act the story of… Read more »

I’m not a native speaker, so could anybody tell me what MIA means? My online dictionary doesn’t seem to give me any helpful options… “missing in action”?!


‘missing in action’ is a war phrase – you’ll have soldiers go out to fight and not come back. There’s no body left, and nobody knows where they are, so you assume they’re alive… just… missing.
This would mean that Kleya’s out there, she’s just gone.


@BBQPidgey: Ah, so it’s really missing in action. I do understand the phrase, I just thought here something else was meant. 🙂


Wow. You actually took my suggestion