Annie Intro – Choice!

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Annie was originally designed due to fan input. So I decided I might as well continue the tradition a little bit. So here's your chance to decide why Annie picked blue!

You can see the results of this poll after you've voted. Thanks for participating!

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Fire Hazard

So we don’t get to pick the color but we can vote on why this color was chosen? Fair enough.

Mary Shoup

I’ll respond to you since you’re on top 🙂

When Annie was originally created, she was chosen to become a character we had already seen (post below the comic here and page 2 here!). So the color was determined some time ago.

I hope that clears up why we can’t choose the color.


I guess you can see from the results that the readers who want drama and the readers who want comedy are pretty much evenly matched!


Should I vote Other just to say “Why not?”

jk, going for the comedy pick.


I’m surprised “Carol chose it” didn’t get more votes. It seems likely, given the story so far, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that to poor Annie after everyone else voted to make her a sole survivor. 😉 I went with “color of the sky,” even though that seems a bit trite.

(Usually the sailor blouse is either white or navy– the skirt color is more likely to change. But probably Annie doesn’t know that.)


Yeeeah! Random glitch FTW!

Alexander The 1st

Well I mean, if we can’t pick the colour, why should she be able to? :p

Granted, totally okay with the sky obsession – that certainly seems in character – but random glitching would be pretty interesting, so that’s what I’m voting for.


As hilarious as random glitch would be, that just seems a bit mean. And “color of the sky she misses” could also be appropriate….I think it’d be nice if she were the kind of person who wanted to honor someone’s memory in that way. (That and she’s lonely, so she probably grasps to any memory of anyone she knew desperately.)

But it would be really funny if like, 3-4 reasons get used and Carol’s like “OKAY ALREADY YOU PICKED BLUE! Please stop telling me why before I need antidepressants or something!”


For some reason, I find that immensely amusing. We don’t get the pick what color she picks, we get to pick WHY she picks the color!


Darn, everyone else seemed to have fun, good answers, and I only put “Because it reminds her of the sea, where our (and her) Dark Lord Cthulhu resides.


I’d vote for that, but the poll is closed. 🙁


I thought of the “because it reminds her of the color of the sky” response before I even saw the poll options. Weird.


The vote thing seems to be broken i get unlimited votes and I cant see the results although I am on a tablet so IDK.


When the polling is completed, could the final tallies be posted here?

Mud Bubbles

Yeah, I’d like to see the final tallies too, if it’s no trouble… I didn’t get to vote either… but I probly would have gone with use several reasons… random fashion glitch that she later decides she likes for many reasons…. or possibly a mischievous washing machine-lord who delights in dyeing things different colors…