Annie Intro – 10

(New readers: The main storyline is on a break. This is part of Annie's side story.)

Carol may or may not be a shopaholic.


Thanks everyone for all your comments and emails from the last post! They were really helpful; I have a bunch of news ideas on how to handle this dilemma. I need time to sit down and plan things out, but at least I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Again, if anyone has fan art/comics/re-scripts they'd like for me to use, feel free to contact me or leave a comment about it!

Meanwhile, I'm at ECCC! If you're attending, you'll find me at table CC-07, deputing both NAV 2 and The Servant Lord!

Emerald City Comic Con

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I like the heart emphasizing the shopaholic in her. :3


Shopping – solving every problem since the Big Bang.


Just finished reading “The servent lord”. D*** that was fast… was reading during work hours, couldn’t put it down…. now will have to work a little bit during weekend to finish jobs. Anyways amazing book. Can’t wait for the next one.


Ooohh! Shopping! Do they accept DIRT and TEARS as currency here? ‘Cuz otherwise I’m gonna be short on cash.


I really hope someone sends in a guest comic. They’re always fun to read.


“I watched them all die. I held them in my hands as they took their last breath while i was completely helpless to help..”
Dat emotional whiplash >_<


I need to write a (properly starred) review for The Servant Lord soon. IT WAS AWESOME.
I loved it. So. So much.

Carol being a shopaholic is adorable.
The world ended, and you lived in a solitary h*** for two years, but. hey, let’s go shopping.