Annie Intro – 08


Look at all those colored blobs! 😯

The three in the last panel, back row, are inspired by the likeness of NPC+10ers TLink, Lillycakes, and EndsBeginning (in that order, from left to right). Thanks for participating!


I will be at ECCC next weekend in Seattle! You'll find me at CC-07 if you're attending. Here's a handy map to show you the spot:

Emerald City Comic Con

I will also be at FanXperience two weeks after that in Salt Lake City. Busy!

And ComixMix is having its yearly March Webcomic Tournament. Go check it out and vote for your favorite webcomics and see how well they fare! The voting is a little unwieldy; ignore the brackets and just scroll down to the long list of un-alphabetical names and that's where you pick who to vote for. You don't have to have a Facebook account to vote this year, either. Yay!

Thanks everyone for being awesome!