Annie Intro – 08


Look at all those colored blobs! 😯

The three in the last panel, back row, are inspired by the likeness of NPC+10ers TLink, Lillycakes, and EndsBeginning (in that order, from left to right). Thanks for participating!


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Thanks everyone for being awesome!


Sweet! 😀 Thanks Aneeka!


Nice! Thank you Aneeka!


Is the lack of Annie’s legs in panel 3 supposed to be L.i.F.e.’s poor graphics?

Dear Bluey

I think she switched over to a kneeling position there, Phylo. Just a guess though.

Alexander The 1st

I initially read it as Annie clipping through the ground – though that might be more that the knees aren’t exactly obviously detailed -, and so initially I thought it was both a reference to the art style and the idea that L.I.F.E. glitches on occasion.

I’ve been confused for a while as to what a person experiences when using the headset and gloves. Everything seems to be controlled by hand gestures, so that makes me think that it doesn’t really mimic the experience of living inside the world of LiFe. You know you’re sitting somewhere in reality, moving an avatar around in a first person perspective, using a controller. But then Annie’s reaction, “It feels like I’m really here!” and the fine motor control and expression all avatars seem to have makes me think it does somehow provide a lot of immersion. I assume the… Read more »

Maybe the headset also contains a camera to let the in-game avatar mimic the user’s facial expression at least.
The part about it seeming so real may just be referred to the graphics, since she is “living” in a very bad place, probably without light (which would explain why it took her so long to find the gloves and why she tripped), underground (I believe there are radiations and other dangerous things overground) where she doesn’t see much so it is wonderful for her to see something of the old (pre-apocalypse) world.


Aneeka responded to a comment on the last page explaining that most of the fine movements like facial expressions were artistic liscense.


Haha, they think Annie is crazy…yeah, not far off there. I think you mentioned she was depressed and borderline suicidal?
I bought and read your book! I enjoyed it a LOT. I was excited when you mentioned in the back of the book that the sequel would be out in a year, then disappointed when it wasn’t there, and then relieved when I found your progress bar. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
All of your stuff is pretty amazing. I’m very glad I found this site and explored around!


Great! I love Annie, she’s so funny 😀


I’m kinda surprised the people around her are so surprised– in a post-apocalyptic world, that kind of reaction can’t be all *that* uncommon.


I would think it’s more the ‘someone’s screaming suddenly’ and they’re still trying to figure out about what than ‘Why are they screaming that they’re alive’.


You are likely correct.


Aneeka, this universe hates me.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to abstain from round 2 of voting — NAV is my current #1 webcomic and Grrl Power is my #2, and I refuse to vote against either.

Either way, best of luck to both!