Wow, this webcomic is amazing! I just discovered it, and in fact, I reached the last page minutes before you updated! I had just clicked on the banner so I could bookmark the latest page, and Bam! Instant Gratification. I love your drawing skills. You mentioned you were self-taught – were the books in the first pages based on ones you used? I should probably only comment about this page, but your story is so thrilling I couldn’t pause to comment! I absolutely loved when we first saw real life. Kelya is beautiful in a dark, broken sort of way.… Read more »

“…And the author/artist figures out perspective!” ~approximate quote from the creator of the SCHLOCK MERCENARY webcomic… It’s that angle where she’s reaching down her hand, 3rd panel, that reminded me of that sidebar comment on his webpage.

Looking good!


If you tap your right forefinger and thumb to stand up, what do you do to tap your right forefinger and thumb..? O_o


Maybe precede it with an escape gesture?

I have no idea, but if I were suggesting a user interface for it, I’d make an escape sequence, two specific gestures in a row, that meant, “interpret the following commands as literal hand gestures until the end escape sequence.” The end escape sequence would be the same as the starting escape sequence, except in the reverse order. If you think of each of the hand gestures as a character in an alphabet, it’s easier to imagine how to give user commands. That way the instruction manual could use for example “b” as the gesture shown above, and only have… Read more »

considering the range of motions you can do with the gameing glove i’m sure there’s tons you can do. just a matter of having learned/setting up your hotkeys.

for those that dont know the rl glove


Whoa, there’s sky! I’ve always kinda assumed everything had a ceiling 🙂


I got the impression that everything had an invisible ceiling with a simple skybox.


I’ve been a bit suspicious of Carol since she seemed so pleased to have found a newbie for herself, but I have to admit, whatever game she’s playing, she’s paying for it. 😉




And what does tapping your fingers like that do??? And will whatever she’s doing be affecting her too since that same gesture was made???


See above comments – I guess if she just made the gesture the regular way with her fingers, it wouldn’t show on her avatar. She did it in some other way for demonstration.

Thee Pie Man

Hey, just found your comic today. Quite pleased with how the story is going and the progression thus far. I hope to see more wonderful art and story telling from you.
The real life scenes really made my jaw drop. I can’t even draw the “bad” art you used for Kat’s beginning avatars; to see you could pump out that kind of art though? Extravagant, I especially loved the scenery in the “tutorial” stage so far, was gorgeous and quite enjoyable. Can’t wait for more; Keep up the amazing work!

~Best regards, Avan

Actually, I think I’ve figured it out… You do that gesture, and then the gloves *track* with the headset to follow the body’s moves, sort of like a Wii configuration, except the sensors are all positional based on the gloves…and you need both functional, or you need special commands to activate them one-handed. The facial expressions are being recorded and transposed by the helmets which is how you can get fine eyerolling expressions with jerky body movements. The gestures just get things started; after that, the gloves/helmet combo track everything until it’s time to stop tracking, when another gesture does… Read more »

Huh i was right wow that’s rare


errm now she’s going to have to get hit on the arm for looking at that gesture,.. theme are da rules! :D,.. am i the only one who recognised that hand signal? 😛 probably.