Ah, poor Annie we hardly knew thee…

I’m guessing she took the headset off before falling since the scream gets quieter, so at least she won’t have to worry about it breaking. Also I think we can add klutz to what we know about Annie, although I guess that was pretty obvious during here character setting selection=).


Really hoping that this is a joke I’m thinking it is but I honestly don’t know
This is why I hate texting or typing on Facebook I can never know for sure if someone is being serious or goofy and joking or angry
(Please excuse the rant feel free to delete it no hard feelings will be coming from me)
Great story and drawing have you written a novel yet?
Would certainly be a good read I bet


She wrote a book called “the wanted child” I think


Oh, pish. She just took off the headset, and the trailing-A is because it wasn’t a “clean” shutdown of the L.i.F.E. interface.

Like the way a disconnected tank in World of Tanks will keep rolling forwards, or turning, until it reconnects or the server decides “nope, he’s definitely not coming back”, and halts it.

I wouldn’t call her a klutz. When she logged in, she was in an emotionally overwrought state–yes, even during blob-to-character creation. She didn’t know what she wanted, and she didn’t know what the choices were, so of course she was going to make mistakes in choosing, and take to long, and so on and so forth. She’s still in an emotionally overwrought state…but I wouldn’t say she’s normally clumsy, because the woman she is in real life has somehow managed to survive for a full month after The End. Statistically, truly clumsy people would not be able to survive for… Read more »


This isn’t going to devolve into Reality pages in the “break from Reality pages” section, is it?


What does that even mean?


these pages are breathing room for aneeka to make reality pages
and toafan was remarking that we might see reality in the place to prepare for reality


It will be very funny if it happens. I doubt it, though. I really, really doubt it.


Panel Six: *awkward silence*


I’m sure Annie is fine. There wouldn’t be much point to switching to this side story if she was going to die right off, would there? 😉

That said, I am quite curious to know what caused the scream… and whether it was related to “Oh, gross! Definitely not that.” I have an uncomfortable suspicion about where Annie might have found the headset and where the gloves might currently be….


As in prophetic dreams she will be fine at least until she gets to the library.

Why? Cause g-d’s will 🙂

The Wolf

Something was disturbed in the ruins that should not have been disturbed…


Surprise! It’s radiation, now she’s horribly burned!
That looks a lot less adorably cheeky on the page than I thought it would be…


Oh I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Nobody dies in this comic; they just get really bad boo-boos.


It’s Easy to say that lot’s of nameless people died [Read BLOBs] sometime before the start of the story.
It is much harder to kill an innocent.
So I tend to agree with Marscaleb.


Y’all do realize that someone is going to die now, right?
Although, in this case, she’ll be fine, what’s the worst that could happen, living alone, in an uncivilized area, after the apocalypse…

jay bird

Annie aside, who’s that other girl?


That’s Carol. She was introduced in the first part of Annie’s story, but first appeared on the second page of the comic, in the library background.

Chris Godsey

She dug too deep!


Considering she probably had to use her bare hands, digging too deep is actually an amazing accomplishment in itself


Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies


Your Mom

I think something really bad actually happened.

Annie not only had her avatar assigned, she had her back story in Reality assigned, too. What do we do with that? So far we assumed people’s back stories in Reality were actually experienced–so one personality could have seen another dance on stage, another could have been Kleya’s boyfriend. But Annie’s experience is suggesting that this apocalypse has somehow separated most people’s minds from their bodies AND their memories–blobs are somehow digitally stored people (Kleya’s idea to “save” them when all went south?) The Author matches blobs with back stories–uh oh, maybe it triggers the rest of the memory. It’s… Read more »

I’m not sure I understand what you’ve said, but the whole blob thing is meta. They aren’t actually blobs in the story’s universe, they’re normal people. Same for the “how Annie became a character” story, it didn’t actually happen. So the whole Matrix thing is pretty much as probable in NaV as it is in real life.


I guess the end of Annie means that now we switch back to the main story. The breather was short.