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Thank you for reading NAV! If you'd like to chip in and support this free webcomic, you can join the AneekaChannel and receive some cool perks. I'd greatly appreciate any and all support. Thank you so much for helping my webcomic exist! (I have a Patreon account if you prefer that route, too)

  • Bona Fide NAV Patron ($1/month) or BFNP – Get my undying gratitude! Seriously, this will help me a ton. You’ll also get a login! When logged in, you won’t see any ads and your comments won’t be held in moderation. You'll also see a different background now that the ads are out of the way.

  • NAV Patron Cadet ($3/month) or NPC+3 – All the above plus access to all the old (and new) incentives!

  • NAV Patron Champion ($5/month) or NPC+5 – All the above plus access to annotations/behind the scenes of the comic pages and get the current comic 6-12 hours early!

  • NAV Patron Conspirator ($10/month) or NPC+10 – All of the above plus get behind-the-scenes news and catch sneak-peek sketches of upcoming comics. If possible, we can have monthly online hangouts (ie: google hangouts) where I can do a drawing session or we can just chat about whatever or about my stories (I’ll try my best to keep spoilers to a minimum!).


Please note: You will be required to make an account with Paypal since the membership utilizes their subscription process.

Also, at this time, I can only offer annual memberships via a manual route. Please contact me for this option.

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LOVE the Aneeka Channel banner! We almost never get to see this side of her.
Too bad I can’t get a subscription for a year with just one lump sum. Oh well, I can still donate when I can and the ads aren’t that annoying.


Oh, I’m so very tempted ot get in as a Conspirator. I’ve actually gotten hooked on this comic. I’ve never seen a comic be so experimental with its art styles, as to have a different scheme for all the different setting layers. The story is pretty deep as well, and reminds me a bit more as a novella. Good show, overall, color me impressed. Once I get my cashflow sorted again, I will definitely be a patron on some level, at least.


Oh my gosh~! I love the comic. I wish i could afford to support it, though. Probably in a few years or so. I hope it’s still going by then!


Hello, Met you at Comicon I’m so glad you stopped my girlfriend and I. Your story is fantastic I finished volume 1 in two days I’ve already started volume 2. I cannot wait to read more!

picked up the comic recently and the story is quite a bit deeper than i thought it would be to begin with. I read alot of other webcomics and have seen a variety of ways they use to find support. The thing all readers want most of all is more comic after all so, one of the approaches i have seen work seem to work well is to offer do a extra page for every X dollars donated. Somthing like a bar to be filled for a extra page can be a big incentive to people. Of course this all… Read more »

yay monetary support for something I like 😀

I’m thinking either 10 or 5…. not sure which one fits my crackpot spending budget X3

oh well.


Any chance you’ll add something like an ‘extra page of comic a month’ support level on Patreon? I know it wouldn’t work well during Reality sections, but during LIFE sections….

It’s mostly just me wanting more updates, honestly.


Great seeing you at Phoenix ComiCon!!


I lost this webcomic long ago, managed to find it again and I am so happy, I will be contributing to your pateron as soon as I’m monetarily able to!

Lucy Memphis

I met you at ComicCon last year and I ended up buying both volumes and I am in love! Especially because I am a gamer myself so this is such a great story. I was curious to know if you will be at this upcoming ComicCon? And if your 3rd volume will be out bi then?