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Thank you for reading NAV! If you'd like to chip in and support this free webcomic, you can join the AneekaChannel and receive some cool perks. I'd greatly appreciate any and all support. Thank you so much for helping my webcomic exist! (I have a Patreon account if you prefer that route, too)

  • Bona Fide NAV Patron ($1/month) or BFNP – Get my undying gratitude! Seriously, this will help me a ton. You’ll also get a login! When logged in, you won’t see any ads and your comments won’t be held in moderation. You'll also see a different background now that the ads are out of the way.

  • NAV Patron Cadet ($3/month) or NPC+3 – All the above plus access to all the old (and new) incentives!

  • NAV Patron Champion ($5/month) or NPC+5 – All the above plus access to annotations/behind the scenes of the comic pages and get the current comic 6-12 hours early!

  • NAV Patron Conspirator ($10/month) or NPC+10 – All of the above plus get behind-the-scenes news and catch sneak-peek sketches of upcoming comics. If possible, we can have monthly online hangouts (ie: google hangouts) where I can do a drawing session or we can just chat about whatever or about my stories (I’ll try my best to keep spoilers to a minimum!).


Please note: You will be required to make an account with Paypal since the membership utilizes their subscription process.

Also, at this time, I can only offer annual memberships via a manual route. Please contact me for this option.

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