Dude the Great – 35&36

NAV is on break. This is the Dude's short story. Which has now ended! (there are two images there, so if you like to read the alt-text, make sure to catch both!)

I hope you liked the silly story. It was a lot of fun to create. But now it's back to serious art. NAV returns June 17th! Can't wait!


I was expecting it to end with him realizing it’s him who’s narrating. Cause only dude would figure that out


Excellent! I see he made the more intelligent choice. Aside from the fact that the princess didn’t seem to like him it’s the fact that he realised all of the pitfalls that come with having the crown. Too bad we didn’t get to see an extra little scene with the King plotting who his daughters next kidnapper will be in the hopes of ‘enticing’ an adventurer to become his replacement so he can retire while he’s still young enough to enjoy it.


Aww, you killed him in the end. T_T

Anyway, nice story! Remember when I asked you about erfworld-like text-only updates to make life easier for you? I can now safely say that this is even better, because it updates daily and it comes in smaller portions. Also I like the graphics (I’m serious, I read Order of the Stick and XKCD, too, so fancy graphics are a nice-to-have for me). Feel free to do stuff like this again whenever you need a time-out. It’s very entertaining. 🙂


I think the, “until he saw his next opponent” thing was about him being happy, not him living :P. But I suppose you could read it as him dying lol.


Thanks for the explanation! That makes for a much happier ending indeed. 🙂

Hrod Ruck

Awesome! Dude’s story comes to an end. I can barely wait for Tuesday! 😀

Iron Ed

“I just love a happy ending!” sniffle…sniffle… 🙂


thus ends Dude the Great, narrated by none other then The Dude..
seriously. its gotta be. who else would.


John Goodman?


LOL, nice ending! 🙂